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09-15-2006, 07:17 AM
From Jerry Abboud of COHVCO:


The language below represents the final recommendation to Governor Owens from the Roadless Task Force. For over 14 months COHVCO has attended every Task Force meeting throughout
the state in an effort to make sure that the Travel Management process in the 4.4 million Acres of "Roadless" Areas in Colorado continued to allow for motorized access. This language does exactly that.
While there will be no new roads constructed in Roadless areas, what is there can be considered as travel management takes place on the forests including non system roads as directed by the
current Travel Management Rule. We are trying to maintain reasonable access for everyone from snowmobilers to 4wd to motorcycles and ATVs per the travel management process. We asked
that the language of the Clinton Rule be modified to allow continued motorized recreation where appropriately identified and designated. And this language does just that.

Remember most of those people in Colorado that ride street bikes started in the dirt. So for dealers and their future customers this is also a big win and guarantees future access.

"Nothing in this Rule shall be construed as expressly or implicitly affecting or otherwise biasing the current or future management status of existing trails including non-system roads or
existing roads in areas covered by the Colorado Rule. Decisions about the future status of trails shall be made during applicable travel management processes, subject to the prohibitions and allowances established in this Rule"

This is a huge step forward.


Seldom Seen
09-15-2006, 11:52 AM
Premature elation again, Bill ? That paragraph is from the Aug 9th draft that was posted for public comment (comment period closed Aug 25th) The revised draft went to Gov Owens yesterday and has not *officially* been made public yet.

[fingers crossed] Hopefully that provision made it through the last round of comments along with the 'big ticket items' Mainly 1) NO NEW LEASES ! and 2) revised language in the exception clause empowering line offices to make on the ground assessments and take corrective action regarding road reconstruction. [fingers crossed/]

*edit* BTW not such a "huge step forward" as the provision was already in the 2001 rule, a slight change was made to defer nonsystem trails to the travel managment process (2005 rule)