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09-28-2015, 10:45 AM
Time for a few teaser photos of my Saturday trip... More available at my website. (http://www.douglasvanbossuyt.com/2015/09/26/mega-magnolia-transect/) I was off pavement from 9:15am until 8:15pm. My odometer said that I was getting close to 100 miles of 4x4ing by the end of the day. Not too bad.


On West Magnoial



Going up Moon Gulch.



Kingston Peak


This segment of trail connecting Yankee Hill to Apex is probably the roughest road I've been on. Even rougher than what we did at Middle St Vrain and Coney Flats (http://www.risingsun4x4club.org/forum2/showthread.php?t=23346).


I had a wire come loose that disabled my starter. Took me an hour to figure that one out at the top of Rollins Pass East.


09-28-2015, 10:57 AM
Nice pics!

I bet you were a pretty happy guy when you found that wire and it cranked over, good save!

09-28-2015, 11:26 AM
Nice pics!

I bet you were a pretty happy guy when you found that wire and it cranked over, good save!

Yes I was! I had tried roll starting it in reverse but the grade wasn't steep enough and there were parked trucks in the way. Was ready to ask people in one of the trucks (when they returned) to pull me to try and get it started. I even had my ARB strap and D rings out when I decided to look at the wiring one more time. The wire that failed was literally the only thing that I didn't solder and crimp. Just a crimp wasn't good enough.