View Full Version : Winter Camping at Curt Gowdy SP, WY

01-21-2016, 08:42 PM
It was all about kids, campers, and trucks this past weekend at Curt Gowdy State Park, WY. The park is named after a popular sportscaster and is located just west of Cheyenne. The run up I-25 on Saturday was uneventful until 5 miles from the park when the Tundra’s front passenger tire gave up the ghost. Closer inspection revealed a serious tread failure however, still holding air! We limped the rest of the way to the park where, with cbone’s help, the tire was changed with NASCAR speed and precision. Saturday afternoon was filled with sledding, short hikes, getting the Tacoma unstuck, and stoking the campfire.

We woke up Sunday morning to fresh snow which was perfect for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing…and more sledding! While leaving the campsite we couldn’t help but let the trucks play in the new snow and cbone let me in on the secret to the Tundra’s traction control button to make it even more fun. Holding the button down for a few seconds turns off the nanny features and releases the 5.7 V8 to spin the tires freely, bringing a smile to my face!

Winter was not enough to hold us back from getting out there and having a great time with new friends!

01-21-2016, 08:45 PM
Few more pics...

01-21-2016, 11:29 PM
I love that park...but only for summer mountain biking ;)

01-22-2016, 06:08 AM
We go up there all the time. You may have seen our group, a bunch of them on fat bikes.

01-22-2016, 11:36 AM
Great pics and had such a great time!