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12-07-2006, 01:09 PM
Well went to the meeting last night and met a bunch of you, great group of guys and gall. I was happy to see some of the old members still hanging around, made it a little easier to come back.

I really enjoyed talking to all of you that I did get a chance to talk to and to those I missed we can hook up next time. I'll introduce myself here just a little more than I did in the meeting and give a brief history of my wheeling vehicles etc.

Like I said before I was a member in the mid to late 90's with my last event being Holly Cross in August of '99. After that run I needed to buy a full size truck since we were going to build a house. I sold the "Flying Nun" long story, and bought a full size Chevy. Untill about three weeks ago my 4x4's consisted of full size trucks with limited slip lockers, in other words street 4x4.

My first 4x4 was a 1977 LC that my uncle gave to me to drive for the summer back in '81. Unfortunatly I had to give it back but not till Christmas :)
After that I owned a car, traded that in for a Datsun 4x4 king cab. I did as much to it as I could untill I saw the 84/85 4Runners at Burt. That was all I needed to see, bought one that day and never looked back

I build up the 85 with every part I thought would make it wheel better. I had Kayline make a soft top for it, yes I am the one who came up with the stupid L backets. I wheeled that baby everywhere i could and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately somebody thought it looked really cool and decided to make it theirs, summer of '91.

After that ordeal I bought a brand new '91 4runner, needed a 4 door for work. It stayed stock for about two years, the tires were getting bald. Then the first lift was installed only to be replaced by another one and another one till I found the right combo. Tires were kept at 33" untill the last year. Gears were swaped, bumpers pulled, ARB locked the rear and Moab was my playground for several years after that.

Well that all came to an end when I bought the Chevy, I sold the "Nun" and left the club. I started racing quads and motorcycles again upon till last year when the pain just got to be to much. Sold the quads and bought my newest Toy. And that brings us to last night again, I rejoined the club, still have to pay :o But I am back and ready to wheel.

Here are the particulars on my "new" old 4Runner. I need to do some things to the Runner like a lift and tires but that is about it. It has a re-manufactured 22RE in it with a cam, header and K&N filter. Behind that is the standard 5 speed with all new clutch and TO. Behind that is the best part, a Marling crawler Ultimate set up with twin sticks. 2.28 in front and 4.7 in the rear. Drive shafts have been redone but will need to be redone again for the lift. In the pumpkins 5.29's turn the E lockers with a high pinion in front. The rear axle is from a '89 V6 and the front is the stock unit but all upgraded components front and rear. To match the extra width of the rear axle I have 1.5" spacers up front. Well that pretty much takes care of the drive train, oh it sits on stock springs with a 2" shackle lift:eek:

Outside the truckis pretty stock, body is above fair. Paint is OK, ugly but OK. It has a small tube bumper in the rear with the stock POS up front for now. Plans are in the works for a new front and rear with sliders and maybe an EXO cage.

Inside the PO installed leather seats form a '94 4Runner including the rear split bench. A nice CB keeps me in contact with ???? And a Kenwood unit keeps the miles rolling on. I do have a SR5 dash in there and a working AC that does blow cold.

Well that covers me and my rig, sorry for the long post. I was going to put it in the Members section but since I did not pay yet I need to wait till next month.

Future mods I hope to do;

5" lift
Cross over steering
Drive line Brake
Frt and Rr bumpers Carry a spare
EXO cage??
Can Back to replace the old soft top
Rack on the Can Back
That is enough for now, I can hear my wife and bank account crying already :rant:

I am sure I will see many of you on the trail, and if you need help wrenching give me a call I don't mind. 303-829-0703

12-07-2006, 02:54 PM
Welcome back, Tom! I have a Kayline top for my 89 too.
See you on the trail.

12-07-2006, 05:45 PM
Welcome back! Post up some pics too!

12-07-2006, 11:32 PM
It was good talking to you last night. You've already done a ton to your 'Runner. Are you in for Cruise Moab?

12-10-2006, 09:46 PM
It was good talking to you last night. You've already done a ton to your 'Runner. Are you in for Cruise Moab?

I am working on it, I am planning on going for Memorial Day already so it is a little tough to justify. If I am able to find one of my friends to go with me to defer the costs then it may be doable if not, well................we'll see.

The other thing is I need to save money for my lift and tires so money as ussual is a factor.