View Full Version : Looking for some one who did a chevy lift

12-15-2006, 02:18 PM
I want to talk to somebody who did the chevy type lift on their 85 4runner please. I am thinking of going this way and need as much info as I can get. I have the tools to do most of it I think, I have most of the skill required but not enough of the knowledge. You know what they say, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.

Anyway if somebody has it on their rig I would love to meet up so I can see it and touch it, I have to see things for myself you know. I would really appreciate that. The sooner I can get this all done the sooner I can join you guys on the trails with a nicely lifted rig.

You can call me at 303-829-0703 cell or after 5 at home 720-981-0306
and if you want to call during working hours 303-971-1145. Thanks again.