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01-08-2007, 10:08 AM
BLM closures near Montrose, CALL to be involved in planning
Due to a grand conspiracy? I wish. Nope, due to us.

Stay on the Trail!!! The OPEN ones.

Call Julie and request to be part of the planning. PLEASE do not use a confrontational tone, she is a steward of public lands and cannot allow them to become a trash heap or erosion pit. Let her know you share these concerns, AND want to keep sustainable routes open to OHV use.

It will take commitment to maintenance projects and to participating in Trail Patrol activities to assist enforcement and get the yahoos who are trashing our areas to face the consequences of their actions. Visit www.cohvco.org (http://www.cohvco.org/) and contact Valerie Douglas to find out more about the Trail Patrol program. We need more representatives.
News Release
Bureau of Land Management, Uncompahgre Field Office
2465 S. Townsend Ave., Montrose, CO 81401
Tel 970-240-5300 Fax 970-240-5376
www.blm.gov (http://www.blm.gov/)

Contact: Mel Lloyd, (970) 244-3097
Or Julie Stotler, (970) 240-5310

For Immediate Release on January 4, 2007

Temporary route closures implemented

MONTROSE, Colo. The Bureau of Land Management Uncompahgre Field Office
has implemented temporary route closures to motorized and mechanized
travel in various locations on BLM public lands near Montrose. Damage
to cultural sites, cutting of trees, movement of rock and soil, and
trampled vegetation have been documented on these unauthorized routes.

"The BLM has been entrusted by the public to protect their lands for the
enjoyment of current and future generations," Field Manager Barb Sharrow
said. "Monitoring is telling us that inappropriate off-route travel is
endangering both natural and cultural resources in several areas of the
Uncompahgre Field Office, leaving us no choice but to act."

The BLM coordinated with affected user groups prior to initiating these
temporary route closures, which will remain in effect until the BLM
completes a comprehensive Travel Management Plan for the areas. The
first phase of these planning efforts is slated to begin in early 2007.
Identified routes affected by these temporary closures are located north
of Highway 90 near Temple Park, both north and south of Rim Road west of
Montrose, and on Sims Mesa southwest of Montrose. Closures and
restrictions will be clearly signed.

Penalties can be severe to those who knowingly and willfully violate any
closure order. Maps of the closures are available for viewing at the
BLM Uncompahgre Field Office, located at 2505 S. Townsend Avenue in
Montrose. For additional information, contact Outdoor Recreation
Planner Julie Stotler at (970) 240-5310.


Editor's Note: Maps of areas available upon request. Contact Julie
Stotler at number listed above.

01-08-2007, 01:49 PM
The closed routes, mostly rockcrawling routes. They are having trouble with hardcore wheelers tearing things up:

01-10-2007, 03:31 PM
As usual, Val with COHVCO is on top of things: