View Full Version : York Mounting Bracket for 2F - Proceeds to Oleg

01-18-2007, 01:40 AM
*** SOLD ***


Yet another item I purchased for the '76 that I can't use. My '74 already has on-board air so this needs to go. Purchased it from "kccruisers" off eBay about 5 years ago. From what I can tell he was making these back then but apparently no longer is (see post #8 from this MUD thread (http://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=122059&referrerid=15458))

Anywho, as you can see in the pic it is brand spanking "new", never been used. One bracket is used to mount the York to the engine and the other one (smaller one) attaches to the York compressor to mount the alternator. The MUD thread above sort of shows how it works. I'm pretty sure I even have installation instructions somewhere that I'll try to find.

Price - $75 (or more) shipped

Here is the deal, funds are tight for me right now but I really want to help support the Oleg fund. SO, to help out how I can, whatever this item brings $$ wise will be put into the Oleg fund. I'm paying the shipping (unless whomever buys it picks it up) so 100% of the sale price will go into the fund. If you would like to pay more than the asking price then that money will go to Oleg as well.

So, not only do you get a cool York bracket so you can do an on board air setup but you, and I, will be doing our small part to help out Oleg in his time of need. :thumb:

For now I'm only posting this on Rising Sun but if there isn't any interest locally then I'll check with Ken with how he thinks Oleg would feel if I branched out to MUD etc with this offer.

Post up or PM me with any questions