View Full Version : Air Lockers and Tires/Wheels

01-22-2007, 10:08 AM
Alright, this weekend was not kind to the Armbruster household and it's really getting obvious that I need to commit to moving stuff around. With my truck sitting now for 2 months now, I'm really getting absolutely zero use from it.

So I'm selling the locked thirds and matching wheels from my truck.

The front is a 7.5" '86-'95 IFS built with a RD90 Air Locker w/ 5.29 Yukon gears.

The rear is a 8" 4-cylinder housing with the RD23 Air Locker w/ 5.29 Yukon gears.

The wheels are BFG ATs 33x9.50 pizza cutters on 15x7 alloy rims. There are 5 of them, rotated at oil changes. The wheels are the Discount Tire knock-offs of American Racing Outlaw IIs.

Robbie set up both of the diffs and I broke them in gently. They've been used seriously only twice. Once was with Steve Crase at Missouri Gulch and the second was getting unstuck from Geneva Basin (4 chains, 2 lockers and the Hi-Lift!). Otherwise I try to engage them about once a month just to cycle them. I did two gear lube changes during break-in and another at 6000 miles. The whole thing was done in June of 2005 and has maybe as much as 10K miles on it.

I'd like to start at $600 for the wheels and $1700 for both lockers and compressor. I'd take a pair of stock third members in trade towards part of the money.

The only decent photos of the wheels I could find: