View Full Version : 33x12.5x15 MT/R'S for sale

10-05-2005, 04:29 PM
these new have 20/32 tread.
right now they have 17/32
you do the math, 80-85% tread

tire rack sells them for $161. each plus shipping
you can buy these for $480. for all 4. and i'll split the shipping with you.
shipping should be about $15-$20 per tire
i'll make shipping $40. for all 4
$520. total anywhere(unless your in the denver metro area)then i'll deliver n/c

these tires used the least amount of wheel weights i've ever seen.
and are in excellent condition.

the pic didnt turn out with the depth gauge, but it reads 17/32's TRUST ME

have pics on mud if interested