View Full Version : All Pro rear bumper and tool box for 79-95 Pickup

02-25-2007, 11:58 AM
I once owned a 1992 Toyota truck and still have a some parts crowding the garage. Both items are in North Boulder and will need to be picked up:

1. Kolbalt Low Profile Tool Box. Price: $100. Box is in great condition. No dents or damage, just typical wear and tear on the inside of the box. I'll post a pic soon.


2. All Pro Off Road rear bumper with receiver and quarter panel protection. Price: $140. I bought the bumper two years ago and never got around to mounting it on my truck. Last year I traded the truck for a jeep. :banghead:

I coated the bumper with DIY Herculiner. I didn't like the Heculiner so I started to remove it. I didn't finish removing all of it. There is some surface rust as shown in the picture since it's been in my garage for 2 years. The bumper needs to be stripped and finished.