View Full Version : PRP Toddler & Teen Seats w/5 Point Harnesses (New)

03-12-2007, 02:33 PM
I have two sets of PRP seats for sale:

2 "Teen" seats (PRP states ages 5-12 - link for dimensions below)
2 "Preemie" seats (PRP states ages 1-4 - link for dimensions below)
4 five-point SFI 16.1 PRP harnesses (2" wide)

None of this equipment has ever been installed our used outside of my kids pretending they were fighter pilots in the living room. I had bought these for a Jeep project before coming to my senses and buying an 80. I think these seats would be all day comfortable for kids while keeping them in 5 point harnesses.

You can see the specs on these seats here (scroll to bottom of page):


These can be bolted directly into a cage or PRP has floor mounts. I do not have weld on cage tabs, but those are readily sourced.

The seats run $199 each new, and 2" width 16.1 SFI harnesses are typically around $100 each.

I am selling each set of seats for $250 plus shipping. Harnesses are $125 for a set - I will ship (actual Fedex Ground cost) or deliver to Front Range and possibly work out delivery to mountain destinations.

I take Paypal or cash.

I will sell the seat sets separately, but will not break up a set. I will sell the harnesses separately in sets of two. The harnesses are adjustable to adult size.

A set of seats plus harnesses goes for $350 plus shipping. $675 takes the entire package, including 12 3" washers and nuts/bolts that PRP sent with the seats (I guess for floor mounting the harnesses).

First pic is toddler seats
Second pic is teen seats
Third pic is side view that shows 5 point slot and seat mounting tabs
Last pic shows them sitting unmounted in the Jeep project they were going into just to give an idea of the look - they would have been slightly farther back and about 3-4 inches higher.

PM with questions or post 'em here.

03-12-2007, 02:53 PM
Oh man is that tempting!

I might be interested in the teen seats w/ harnesses for my FJ40. Are the covers removable so I can order something that would match up with my front seats? I fired off an email to PRP as well. Not sure what the cost of a new set of covers would be though. Very enticing :)

03-12-2007, 03:16 PM
The cloth/vinyl could be replaced (not sure how much work that is). It might be worth it...let me know what PRP says.

03-12-2007, 05:07 PM
The cloth/vinyl could be replaced (not sure how much work that is). It might be worth it...let me know what PRP says.


I'll let you know. So far no response from them :(.