View Full Version : Clutch Help, Tranny Jack?

03-15-2007, 03:01 PM
Anyone want to trade some wenching help with me. I have tools and a pretty big garage to offer. I have a 220V MIG welder with gas if anyone needs any welding done. I also have beer funds. :beer:

I did my lift all by myself and it took forever. I want the clutch to go a little faster.

I need some help with my clutch either this weekend or next.

I think I have everything I need besides a tranny jack? I have a cherry picker and a 3 ton floor jack.

Here is my optimistic plan.
Friday night:
Remove everything I can besides the tranny/tc.
Skid plate, drive shafts, seats, tranny hump etc.
Remove the tranny/tc and flywheel
Get flywheel turned (maybe have to wait until Monday for this)
Replace rear main
Get new flywheel bolts
Install clutch
Install tranny/tc

If I cannot get the fly wheel turned on Saturday, I will probably wait until next weekend to install the clutch and tranny.

I am in Broomfield on 120th and Sheridan.