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03-16-2007, 02:04 PM
The Southern Nevada Land Cruisers (SNLC) recently became aware of an Environmental Assessment (EA) being conducted by NV BLM around the Glitter Gulch Gambol event area which proposes trail closures. Luckily one of our newest members works for Nevada Power and deals with EA issues regularly and spotted this action. Unfortunately the closing for comment is Friday March 16, 2007. We agreed that some type of response is always better than no response so a letter was drafted and we will be looking to deliver it tomorrow. The alternatives and information can be found on NV BLM’s website at http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/lvfo/blm_programs/acec_route_designation.html . We have reviewed the trails BLM designated for closure against the trails we have used in the past (our map is at www.snlc.org/gggmap.pdf (http://www.snlc.org/gggmap.pdf) ) and have found only 1 conflict which may prove insignificant, however, we would prefer to see no closures in this area. I know this is short notice (we found out yesterday); anyone who wishes to add input please feel free to review the text of our letter below and our attachment at www.snlc.org/snlc_areas.pdf (http://www.snlc.org/snlc_areas.pdf) :

March 16, 2007

Marc Maynard
Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Las Vegas Field Office
4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Re: 6840, 8342 (NV-052)

Dear Mr. Maynard,

The Southern Nevada Land Cruisers (SNLC), which is the Southern Nevada chapter of the international Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA), has reviewed the BLM’s preliminary Environmental Assessment NV-052-2006-433, Transportation Plan for Selected ACECs Located in the Northeast Portion of the Las Vegas BLM District, and appreciates the opportunity to provide comment through the NEPA process.

SNLC is a non-profit organization of local Toyota four-wheel drive owners who promote safe, responsible and legal off-highway driving as authorized under local, state and federal land use plans and regulations to protect, as well as enjoy, our country’s natural resources. SNLC also educates its members and the public on land use issues, responsible off-highway behavior and protection of the environment when driving off-highway. As such, SNLC supports the purpose and need for the action as described in the EA; however; SNLC also has a concerned interest with any proposed road closures which would impact legal and responsible off-highway driving of public land.

SNLC obtains recreation permits for organized events and operates such events within the parameters of the authorizing entity. One such event is the Glitter Gulch Gambol, held in the Virgin Mountains just south of Mesquite, Nevada. This event is authorized annually through the BLM Recreation Permit process and takes place every Fall. This event is sanctioned by the TLCA and is one of its longest-running events, which started in the late 1970’s. For the last four years responsible TLCA/SNLC members have traveled from across the country to participate in this historical event and camp within BLM-authorized primitive campsites in the Virgin Mountains. During this event, SNLC actively promotes and implements responsible driving along open routes, environmental stewardship, and all stipulations under its Recreation Permit. SNLC does not condone irresponsible off-highway driving nor creating new (i.e. undesignated) routes.

Page 2
6840, 8342 (NV-052)

To preserve and maintain the Gambol event, SNLC is providing information to the BLM on specific areas/routes, referenced on the attached maps, that are important to the club and this event, listed below:

45: This area, bordered in blue, is important for SNLC to access for maintaining its annual Glitter Gulch Gambol event, which has been held in the Southern Nevada area since 1976.

37 - 44: These roads, highlighted in pink, are important to SNLC and the Gambol as these have traditionally been the routes utilized for the event.

9 - 18: SNLC is sensitive to these roads proposed for closure in Alternative B of the EA as SNLC anticipates utilizing alternate routes for future Gambol events to allow for variety of terrain and driving skills. Some of these routes would be considered as alternates if left designated as “Open”.

The aforementioned reasons and sensitivities lend the SNLC to prefer Alternative A of the EA. SNLC appreciates the BLM taking its comments and input into consideration through this preliminary designation process. The SNLC recognizes the need to achieve the Goals and Objectives of the ACEC Road Designation Process, and offers assistance to the BLM to visit these routes if needed to discuss and identify key issues with any proposed closures and working to reach satisfactory solutions.

To coordinate any such efforts, or to initiate and maintain dialogue through the preliminary, interim and final road designations please feel free to contact SNLC. SNLC looks forward to this coordination so that the Glitter Gulch Gambol event successfully continues every October and the BLM meets its intended Purpose and Need.


Deborah Priest
Southern Nevada Land Cruisers

The other issue is we expect to see a dramatic increase in fees associated with our permit this year. We have heard they will be charging us review fees on anything over 150 hours review time for the permit, plus fees to have a ranger on-site during the event, and potential costs with pre-running the trails with their staff.


John Day

03-20-2007, 10:51 AM
Sorry I missed that one, Matt. I was out of town, two hours before you posted it. Dangit.

All of us keeping the communication network (sharetrails.org, COHVCO, etc.) is about the only way we can keep on top of all these issues I think, in time to respond. :(

07-17-2007, 12:19 PM
Looks like GGG 2007 is canceled, barring a miracle. :mad:


We have run into a huge problem with this year's Glitter Gulch Gambol.
Although we have pulled them same permit for the last 3 years from the
Southern Nevada office of the Bureau of Land Management, this year they
decided to give us an unusual hassle. Our permit has always cost us $90
to process upfront with a fee per registered vehicle or per person
whichever is greater at conclusion of the event. We always anticipate at
least 8 months to process the permit, so we usually start around March
or April with the submittal (they technically ask for 6 months to
process). This year started with our submittal on April 11, however, by
the end of May, the folks at BLM told us our event was scheduled during
prime tortoise mating season, so we agreed to push our date back (by
this time we already had our ad going to print). Things quickly
deteriorated from here. BLM told us that we may run into additional
expenses to process the permit, because they anticipated they would use
more than their 50 hours of allotted base time. Any additional hours,
plus any costs associated to perform field investigations would require
additional permitting fees. We received a letter from them, stating we
would incur those costs as they anticipated using 86 hours, but they did
not give us a total cost. After discussions with their staff and the Las
Vegas office manager, we received a letter on July 5 that we would need
to pay $5500 to process the permit. With the typical 25 or so vehicles
we have registered each year, that would be over $200 each just for the
BLM. We have appealed this to both the Department of the Interior, and
our Congressmen, but we do not believe we will get any resolve on this

With that said, we will be officially canceling the Glitter Gulch Gambol
this year. We have already incurred some costs, such as advertising,
postage, and permitting that we will be eating, but we cannot justify
spending anymore money at this point.

The irony of the whole issue, and part of our letter to our Congressman,
is that this land is free to use by anyone at any time unless it is part
of an organized event where registration will take place. Everyone in
our club that I have talked to agrees that we should have an
"unofficial" overnight, weekend trail run in the area sometime during
late October or early November. It is a shame that we cannot enjoy our
land, share it with others, and collect money for TLCA, Blue Ribbon, and
the others to whom we donate.

I will be posting on IH8MUD, Pirate, and our website the cancellation
notice. I will also field phone calls and emails.

I am so disappointed to do this.


John Day

07-17-2007, 01:11 PM
Man that's too bad.. hopefully they post up an "unofficial" run down there and some of us can still attend.

We share the exact same irony with Moab and the surrounding area: tough to get a permit to pay money and be structured & organized, but large, unorganized, spontaneous groups are welcome any time, free of charge.. :confused:

07-17-2007, 01:56 PM
I am concerned that the future of Cruise Moab may look like this...

07-17-2007, 02:25 PM
I am concerned that the future of Cruise Moab may look like this...


Does the GGG bring in the $$ to the local areas that CM does? Seems money has a way of greasing the skids :(

07-17-2007, 02:30 PM
No, GGG is smaller, so less economic impact. But it's much older than CM -- it's one of the oldest TLCA events. They're going to get Greg Mumm from the Blue Ribbon Coalition involved.

Uncle Ben
07-17-2007, 03:05 PM
No, GGG is smaller, so less economic impact. But it's much older than CM -- it's one of the oldest TLCA events. They're going to get Greg Mumm from the Blue Ribbon Coalition involved. Greg and Rhonda are close buddy's of mine. I will pester them this week at BHCC about it. And yes it is weird to see Greg's mug on the Blue Ribbon envelopes!

07-18-2007, 02:37 PM
Damn, I was thinking of going this year

07-19-2007, 11:53 AM
Boy you gotta luv GUVMENT folks. I've been to there event. It is a first class place to wheel and play. They are a first class club. And they put on a first class event. I was considering it also for a fall trip. This is scarey. You gotta Luv Guvment folks.
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09-07-2007, 12:02 PM
Southern Nevada Land Cruisers took the issue to their local newspaper and got some good publicity. See http://www.lvrj.com/news/8921477.html