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03-23-2007, 02:55 PM
Why I stopped riding my bike:confused: Parked the runner at the parents house today. Rode from my parents place to my house Cornell and University to 16th and Wazee, just under an hour. Figure not to bad seeing how long it's been.

Jumped a curb and got like, 3ft of air:hill::lmao:

03-23-2007, 08:48 PM
That things got shocks and pegs, lucky, ever take it off any sweet jumps?

03-27-2007, 02:52 AM
Next thing you know, you'll discover walking too. :D

Not to bad.
Incorrect usage. -10 points.

"To" is a preposition that introduces the destination or receiver of an action.
"To" is also a necessary partner with an infinitive verb, which is the simplest form of a verb: (To be, To know, To create, To learn, To understand)

"Too" is an adverb with primary meanings of “also” or “excessively”
· I like pizza too.
· Too much salt is bad in a recipe.
· Having pizza too often can sneak up on a person.

"Two" is the number that comes after one.

Should be:
Not too bad.

Grade: B


03-27-2007, 08:41 AM
Matt has a repressed inner nun from Catholic school.

Ever notice the similarity with Lord Vader? Coincidence? I think not!