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03-23-2007, 11:16 PM
ok, finally had time to print up 48 pages worth of info on the united changes...this included old bylaws, new proposed bylaws, new dues structure, new business plan, and financials.

gail and gene (the reps to united for the state assoc), will be attending the 4ufwda meeting and are asking that all the clubs let them know how we want to vote on some things.

united has realized that they need to change because they haven't kept up with the times. they also realize that there is competition for land use $ (arra, brc, orba, nohvcc and various regional associations), and that while there's been an enormous growth in motorized recreation, the dollars have not increased, so they've gone to more of a business attitude and less of a club attitude. hopefully, this will help them out.

they plan to find ways to market more to the public to encourage membership and to solicit for more donations. they want to expand membership more to help target business memberships also.

in the last couple of years, they've been working hard at updating the website, have added forums, have been marketing through team rockstomper (rockcrawling team), their newest issue of the voice shows a new cleaner and updated look, and they now have a 4wd awareness class.

the new bylaws look fine....if anyone wants to see them, i will forward them.

the biggest issue appears to be the new dues structure. there is a dues increase from $15 to $25/person. now, for the fun part. u4wda is implementing an organization incentive program (oip). when a member joins the club regardless of whether the member pays the dues or the oganization collects the dues, the member can name an organization and u4wda will give $3 back to the association (i believe the assoc has to be an organizational member to get the $ back...i will clarify this at the state board meeting next week). this presents a couple of issues

a- it will be a bookkeeping nightmare for the state (and united, so why the heck they decided on it is beyond me)
b - individuals may fail to name an organization, or name a wrong organization
c - rising sun could benefit by renewing our organization status and having our members name us instead of coa4wdci, if coa4wdci decides to have members join on their own instead of them collecting the dues.
d- if option c happens, that could be the death of coa4wdci.

so, the state voting issues that gail and gene want club input on are
a - does coa4wdci join u4wda as an organization only and have members join individually? this would require a bylaw change, or
b - does coa4wdci continue to collect dues for united?

now, for folks that think a $10 increase is kinda high, consider this

u4wda will have a projected annual budget of $200,000. that money is being used to battle evironmental organizations that bring in over $1.1 BILLION!

Wayne Groom (pres of u4wda) researched some of the enviros annual budgets...
national wildlife federation = $100.5 million
national audobon society = $76.5 million
sierra club = $91.8 million
nature conservancy = $761 million (no, that's not a typo)
national resources defense council = $57.3 million
earthjustice = $21.7 million
center for biodiversity = $2.2 million

03-24-2007, 06:39 AM
10 dollars is nothing. Most of us spend that after a bad day on self medication, on a spur of the moment decision.

03-26-2007, 06:45 AM
I agree that $10 is pretty miniscule. One thing to keep in mind when comparing these budgets is that those enviro places get substantial grants and corporate funding that our little state 4WD association doesn't. Like I know Patagonia and REI give plenty of money to groups like Nature Conservancy. We really need companies like 4WPW, ARB, Jeep or/and Toyota to do the same for United 4WD! Because no amount of dues raising is going to ever bring parity in funding.
RE: the reshuffle that threatens coa4wdci, dumb idea. They should drop that.
Focus on hitting up the corporations that benefit from us and don't sponsor land use and access issues!