View Full Version : FYI - Outback Air group buy

10-14-2005, 11:14 AM
Just an FYI...

someone on Mud is trying to pull together a group buy for Outback Air setups. it's on "outfitting".


10-14-2005, 02:12 PM
You might want to compare to this:

I have a 10 lb. CO2 tank that I bought from Cramer Decker Industries (http://www.cramerdecker.com/). Try calling:
or 949-461-5900
or 800-752-4579.

The 10 lb. tank with valve and handle cost $73.00. The CO2 regulator cost $16.00 With shipping, I paid a total of $100.69.

Item C10H-320 - 10 lb. CO2 cyl. w/ valve & handle
Item CO3758-150 - CO2 regulator

They classified it as an industry courtesy sale -- it was a deal thru the LCML -- you might not get the same prices now (this was Dec. 2002).

Inexpensive and works great. Plus, you can transfer it from vehicle to vehicle with ease.

They were in development on a fancier setup that they were planning to sell against the expensive Power Tanks. You might ask about that.

Jeff Zepp has the same setup.