View Full Version : Notes From The Third Quarterly Coa4wdci State Meeting

10-19-2005, 09:29 PM

There was a guest speaker, Heather Bunyan, from an insurance company called American Income Life. Apparently, a benefit of the state association is a free $2000 ad&d policy (accidental death or dismemberment). This insurance covers all active members of the state association 24/7, regardless of how or when. The coverage includes accidents that occur at work, play, home, etc and because it has been effective for a couple of years, we can go through past history and if anyone has an ad&d claim, we can submit for those. The check will be issued to Shelly Surface who will forward it to the appropriate club to get to the member or member’s family.

American Income Life only deals with organizations, so they do not advertise or take on individuals that are not part of the organizations they cover. They deal with hundreds of thousands of organizations nationwide.

In the next few weeks, all of the members on our roster will be receiving a letter from Shelly Surface (pres of coa4wdci) with a postage paid card. You do not have to send this card in to be eligible, but they offer a discount on vision, hearing, prescription and chiropractic services and to receive the discount card, you will have to send the card in.

Because they are out to sell services, when you send the card in, someone will try to contact you about increasing the coverage, you can refuse.

The free coverage is listed as two options,

-Family coverage = $1000 for member, $500 for spouse and $250 per dependant under the age of 19, or

-Individual member = $2000

The discounts for vision, hearing, chiropractic and prescription range from 10% to 50% off.

They also offer free child safety kits.

They do offer an optional gold benefits package that also includes a dental plan, vitamin and nutritional supplement plan, travel plan (discounts on hotels/rental cars, etc), travel assist plan (if you die away from home, they will help pay to get your remains home), and a 24 medical line staffed by registered nurses.

The deal between coa4wdci and AIL is that AIL will absorb all costs of printing, mailing and postage and coa4wdci does not have to reveal names or addresses of it’s members. The coa4wdci will handle addressing the letters to its members. AIL representatives will only contact members who send in their reply cards. Coverage is renewed every year.

Our representative at AIL is Becky Cutler and she can be reached at 303.25.6372

Officers were nominated…not many changes except that Doug Russell is now the United rep, Jeff Stamas is our CUSP representative, and Vallery and Shelly will be the COHVCO reps.

Gene King will be stepping down from FEAT in April and they need someone to take that position over.

Hightrails.org tied with a southwestern club as best website by United.

The Gazette in Colorado Springs has been publishing the newsletter, but they are changing their business and won’t be able to publish any more after the next issue, so John Howell is trying to find a new publisher.

Because clubs are having hard times getting complete rosters on the first of the month when dues are traditionally due, membership will now run July 31st to June 30th. Dues are still due before the third quarterly meeting and are $20 per family.

United’s dues will be going up over the next few years. For 2006 they will be $25/per person, 2007 will be $30/person and it will remain at that rate until 2010. Ca4wdci will be raising their dues accordingly.

United organization dues are $15/per person unless every member of your club is a member of United, then dues drop to $10/per person. This applies to 2006

For 2007, United organizations pay $20 per person and if every member is a United members, then it drops to $15 per person.

North American organization sdues are $1000/year and allow 1 vote. The $1000 fee will be waived until 2011 if every member of the organization becomes a united member. This allows 1 extra vote, plus extra votes depending on the number of people

1-99 people = 2 votes

100-499 people = 3 votes

500-999 people = 4 votes

1000 + members = 5 votes

All other countries pay $200/year.

United will be having convention in the Grand Junction/Fruita area July, 18th, 19th and 20th, 2007. Coa4wdci is responsible for hosting. I have a three page list of what the planning committee is looking for.

2005 raffle jeep

We’ve only raised about $5000 towards the raffle jeep this year…that puts us $25,000 behind! Sell tickets!!!

Second prize is a complete set of bushwacker fender flares and third prize is a hi lift and off road recovery kit.

Toys for tots will be held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on December 3rd. Meeting areas are Westminster Mall for the north group, Chili’s at the Aurora Mall for the east group, and the Home Depot parking lot on Araphoe road and I-25 for the southeast group. Meet at 10:30AM, to depart at 11am. The raffle jeep will be given away at 1pm.

Rick from the Dillon Ranger District was the guest speaker.

The third quarterly meeting will be held by the clubs of the central district on July 15th, 2006.