View Full Version : minutes from the central district quarterly meeting

10-19-2005, 09:30 PM
minutes from the central district quarterly meeting

main thing discussed was the state association third quarter meeting that the central district clubs will be hosting. janice would like to have an adult meet and greet on friday night, meeting will be saturday with a family picnic saturday night and a run on sunday

possible ideas
-fay meyers for the meeting with bennett's or smokie's catering
-adult m& g at fox and hound...fact that it will be busy friday night
-friday night m&g at jim's burger haven in westminster, then people can go to hiccups or woody's for drinks/dinner.
-have meeting at core with chairs/tables under tents and catered, with wheeling
afterwards and a pig roast for dinner

we have a $400 budget that coa4wdci pays, after that, central district clubs pick up the tab. so we'd like to do this fairly cheaply. janice would like to keep fees to delegates to around $10 for adults, $5 for children and $15 for dinner if we do the pig roast.

she would like each club to donate a couple of items for the raffle.

if held at core, mile hi jeep club has an enormous tent, she would talk to them about using it, but she may need more tents. i told her i would talk to r.s. about using our tents.

we'd have to rent tables/chairs if it was at core.

need to sell raffle tickets