View Full Version : Hillbilly Yard Sale - Broomfield, Friday night

04-27-2007, 01:28 PM
Howdy fella rednecks, us all Broomfield types be having your style o' yard sale this here eve nin, so come on up now don be shy. Our fine city folk be doin an annual clean-up, so they'll be goin round in dem big trucks tomorrow mornin', pickin' up all the goodies that us neighborly folk be tired of storin' outselves out back 'hind the shed.

Already seen a fine lookin' filin' cabinet, couches, dressers, even some sort of littlin' dinette set. Reckon the pickin' will be 'specially good come this evenin.. myself I'll be tossin' in a toilet (well tested), bath tub (rarely used!), and set o rims & tyres (215 75 14)... just don' drop off moren you took, ya hear? :hill: