View Full Version : 1964 Nissan Patrol (like FJ40 or CJ) in South Denver $1,900

05-01-2007, 11:15 AM
Posting my Patrol for sale again. It's closest cousin is the FJ40. Maybe someone will find some interest in owning a vehicle that is 1/2 FJ. I have done a bit of work to it over the past couple months. Upgraded front and rear axles to FJ40 axles. The biggest downfall of the Patrol was the rear axle. Now it can accept lower gears and lockers as well. I also got the Patrol running off of a fuel tank. Not ready to run off the Patrol gas tank since it still needs cleaned. Patrol had sat for about 6 years prior to me getting it up and running this Spring. I have had the Patrol about 8 years (I lose count). Used to drive it through Moab and the San Juans in SW Colorado. Always ran great. Anyways, I posted on CL again with pics.
I am offering a special deal for Rising Sun members. Mention you are on the board, price is $1,900. I have had about 10 Patrols over the years and this is the last one I have to sell. In the past running Patrols I have sold fetched $3,000 or more. Complete but not running I sold would fetch $2,000. This will be a deal for someone! It was the best running Patrol I have owned until I parked it. Nothing wrong with it, I just stopped driving it! PM me for more info (I don't check email often). Thanks!