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05-03-2007, 09:48 AM
Yesterday my neighbor stops by to ask for some advice. The story is:

Heís driving his stock FJ62 on the highway. Its raining pretty hard so there are some puddles on the roadway. He hits a puddle and the engine stumbles. Its running rough so he pulls over. At some point the thing stalls and wonít restart. He has the thing towed home. The next morning he tries to start it and it wonít even turn over. The Cruiser is then towed to a local mechanic that has an excellent reputation for working on Cruisers. The report from the mechanic is that the engine is seized and might need to be replaced. Huh?

If it were mine, Iíd need to put a wrench on the crank pulley to convince myself that is in fact seized. But based on the mechís reputation, I donít think heíd suggest replacing the engine unless it were truly necessary. Anyhow, my neighbor is now trying to decide what to do.

Anybody got a decent 3FE that they want to part with? Let me know Ė preferably in the Denver area.

Iím trying to figure what could have possibly happened to the engine. He said it still had oil in it Ė a little low but still on the dipstick. That would rule out the oil galley plug failure. The oil pressure gauge was still showing some pressure so I doubt the pump failed. I donít think it overheated. The distributor still has the rubber boot on it. The air intake system is still stock and intact. I donít think the puddle could have possibly hydro-locked the engine although I havenít personally pulled the plugs. Any other ideas? TIA

05-04-2007, 09:20 AM
In some ways, if it's locked up, it doesn't matter much how it happened. Not a good sign that the oil was low, but how low is too low? Factory oil pressure gauges are often damped in a way that prevents showing quick response, so hard to tell by that alone. Glad you checked for the galley plug - that'd be my first place to look, too.

I suspect a used engine would be cheaper than a full rebuild. I'd want to put a wrench on the crank, too, first, to be sure that it's really locked up tight.
I'd call some vendor/shop type places like Irbis off road or Slee to see what contacts they might have on a used engine. If they don't have one, they might know who does.

Steve (not in Moab)

Scott Swann
05-04-2007, 03:28 PM

Thanks for your support. I have a post up as well. I will let you know and let me know of any potential interest in engine sales in Moab. thanks again

your neighbor!