View Full Version : Thanks to all for CM07!!

05-07-2007, 01:34 AM
Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to Rising Sun for putting together such a great event! The family and I had a great time and it was obvious that a LOT of hard work and effort went into making the event such an awesome experience.

A special thanks to all of the CM07 committee members, volunteers, etc. that pulled it all together and made things run so smoothly and for making us feel so welcome and part of the group.

Also special thanks to Kipper, Jeff Zepp, and Nathaniel for leading the trails we were on and offering such superb spotting for a noob :thumb:. Many times I looked at my wife and said "No way" only to be so smoothly spotted up or down something that looked impossible. I've got a LOT to learn about the capabilities of a locked 80 obviously :D

Also thanks to Ben for the impromptu entertainment on the sand hill on Poison Spider on Saturday. I'll try to get some video of that up soon :hill:

And of course thanks to all of the sponsors, the TT, and of course Slee, ARB, and Metal Tech for the armor that protected the LX beautifully...I even almost got to the point on Saturday where I didn't wince everytime I scraped or banged or crashed down on something :cool:. I certainly left my signature on Moab in more than a few places!

Can't wait for CM08 :)

05-07-2007, 09:44 AM
Ditto! Mrs. Chili had a great time, usually she gets a bit bored, waiting in lines, etc. Not this time!

Thanks all for hard work well done!