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05-15-2007, 07:35 AM
Next meeting, Thursday May 17th at 5:00pm.
Boulder Ranger District Office, 2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder

1) Schedule Next Meeting - All

2) Grants
319 Grant for Lefthand, update (Colleen)
Lefthand Challenge Route Grant, update (Shawn)

3) 4WD Road Signing projects
Fairwell Gulch (237.H) obstruction removal (Brian)
Peewink Mountain (332, 333) signing project June 30, Nederland store,
9:00am (Adam)
Rock Creek (116) Taylor Mtn. (330) signing project (Adam)
Miller Rock (252, 253) re-sign project (Adam)
Jenny Creek road signing project update (Bill)

4) Adopt-A-Road Projects / Volunteer Projects
Jenny Creek kiosk project update (Bill)
Caribou projects update (Tom)
Kingston Peak projects update (Tom)
Lefthand Cleanup review (Adam)
Lefthand kiosk review (Adam)
Middle St. Vrain project (Adam)
Bunce School Road map and projects (Kerry / Brian)
Jumbo Mountain access, status (Dave)
Gold Lake Road 372.1 field trip location, time (Adam)
Miller Rock Adopt-A-Road agreement (Adam)

5) Motorized Trail Signing project - JD
Plan projects to sign motorized trails, status.

6) Lefthand Travel - Brian/Cat
Status on FS work to be done related to plan.

7) Restoration Projects, FS
Park Creek project update (Cat)

8) Middle St. Vrain hosting- Adam
Host volunteer identification (hat, vest, ID tag) options.

Any new issues or concerns to work on, or Forest Service projects
related to Boulder Ranger District motorized recreation. - All

Forest Service projects list are online at
Scroll down to find the forest your interested in.
On Hold 2007:
1) Sugarloaf Single Track.
2) Gillespie Gulch access.
3) Lump Gulch fuels project.
4) Transportation Rule, MVU Map.

Last Meeting:
1a) Rollins Pass
Christine went over the status on reopening Rollins Pass. Issues are
three counties agreeing, FS analysis, cost, increase in use.

1b) FS Enforcement
Paul went over the new ability of the FS to enforce highway laws, for
example drunk driving.

3) Grants
319 Grant, May 16th field trip, May 22nd field trip, Sept 22 project.
Lefthand Rockcrawl grant not funded. Working on new grant application.

4) Road Signing
Lump Gulch fuels project moved to "Hold".
Peewink Mountain (332, 333) signing project June 30.
Rock Creek (116) signing project August 11.
Miller Rock (252, 253) re-sign project May 13.
Jenny Creek signing project July.

5) Adopt-A-Road / Project
Jenny Creek Kiosk project, working on Kiosk construction.
Jenny Creek illegal route from Rollins Pass road, block off.
Lefthand Cleanup and Kiosk project May 6, 9:00am.
Caribou projects trip to review in June or July.
Kingston Peak (353) Adopt-A-Road agreement signed.
Middle St. Vrain project will be June 16-17. Three possible projects.
Gold Lake road field trip June 9th.

7) Lefthand Travel - Cat
Implementation plan in progress.

8) Park Creek Restoration - Cat
Park Creek restoration working with hydrologist, post and cable of
hill climb.

New) Bunce School Road - Kerry
St. Vrain fuels project will include road improvements and tree
cutting. Map is in progress for area. Bit T has Adopt-A-Road agreement.

To coordinate and implement volunteer projects on the Boulder Ranger
District related to the maintenance of OHV recreation.
Education - Restoration - Information
Test for projects: is it signing? erosion control? restoration?
keeping the public on the route? education? re-establishing closures
of previous decisions?

Adam Mehlberg 3jeeps at cohvco dot org 3jeeps at frii dot com
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club

05-16-2007, 07:06 PM

Recommendations/tips for first time? SDSU ;)?

Looking forward to this, should be able to make it.