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11-01-2005, 09:08 AM
Hey gang, I have been in communication with Colleen Williams, head of the Jamestown Water Quality Initiative and a participant in the Boulder Ranger District OHV committee. She is putting in for a grant and needs a couple things from us.

1) a letter of support. This seems like a no-brainer to me; her goal is not to close existing roads or trails, but to mitigate impacts to water quality from LeftHand OHV area. That makes the area more sustainable and have less impact - a win/win IMHO.
2) offer of in-kind donation. This is another way of saying, volunteer work. This can be almost anything, from hauling materials to spreading it on the ground/ drilling it into the ground. For this, I need club commitments. I don't want to overcommit the club, but for those who value LeftHand, this would be a way to show it that would involve a couple days' work in the mountains - not a bad day at all! The club commitment can be an estimate of man-hours (generically meant, including Ige-hours, which from what I have seen is equivalent to 1.5 man-hours).

Here is the email:
Dear BRDOHV group,
I will not be able to attend the meeting Thursday because I will be out of town. The 319 grant proposal is on the agenda and I wanted to explain a few things to the group. This grant is a great opportunity to bring some much needed funding into the BRD for work in the Lefthand OHV area. I realize that since the travel management plan for the area is still up in the air many are hesitant about signing on to this proposal. The intent of applying for this grant now is that we need to get the ball rolling on things that can be done in the future. The funding for this grant if awarded will not be available until September 2006 to spend. This is an opportunity to have diverse groups working together to show that a high quality OHV recreation area can exist along with clean water.The purpose of this grant is to decrease the amount of erosion, direct runoff onto vegetative buffer areas, and decrease the amount of sediment entering Lefthand Creek. I am planning on writing this grant in 2 phases:
-Phase 1 (September 1, 2006 to December 31, 2007)- includes any restoration work and road maintenance in the drainage area from the top down to the meadow above lower Carnage canyon, just below firemans hill. Top down approach.
-Phase 2 (September 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008)- could include Carnage Canyon if the new OHV challenge area is completed.

The dates can be extended if needed. The proposal will be written general enough to accommodate the final travel management plan adjustments to the area, whatever they may be. Perhaps by Phase 2 the OHV clubs could apply for the State Trails grant and we could use this to leverage the big monies that are available from the 319 grant.

I am asking the clubs to sign on to Phase One of the project because I need your support on this. I have already brought other partners into this project who will be contributing some kind of in-kind service. They are: Lefthand Water District, Lefthand Watershed Group, City of Boulder, Boulder County Health Department, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Walsh Environmental, CU, Budhoe Backhoe. I am hoping to add more to the list. Deadline is November 15th. The total of the grant I will apply for will depend on the amount of in-kind service from the partners of this grant. If I can bring together $65,000 of partnership in-kind donation, I can receive $97,500 (40/60 match). OHV clubs can help by donating in-kind service to do: restoration work, constructing post and cable fencing, hauling materials, and anything else you can think of. The letter of support should say that the group supports the 319 grant application for the Lefthand OHV Area Restoration Project and will contribute -x amount of in-kind service for x activities.

Colleen Williams, Director
James Creek Watershed Initiative
P. O. Box 110
Jamestown, CO 80455
Hi Bill,
I need letters of support and/or partnership by November 8th. I prefer a letter of parnership that would be sent to me and states: "We support the efforts of the James Creek Watershed Initiative to obtain a 319 Nonpoint Source grant for the Lefthand OHV Area Restoration project. We can contribute x amount of hours of in-kind service helping on the project at $17/hr." (Ed Self said this is the volunteers hourly time that he uses to calculate volunteer labor). If you do not wish to be a partner but support the effort then omit the contribution sentence. Thanks.

I need to know, because I need to write the letter and mail it before I leave for elk hunting Thursday. My attendance at the meeting is up in the air, though I *think* I can make it... The letter needs to bear a signature, which can be scanned in, or manually signed.

11-02-2005, 02:25 PM
FYI, I need to know the number of work hours to say we will commit.

I think a fair proposal would be 64 hours total (8 people, 8 hours; 16 people, 4 hours; 4 people two days; any like combination), or 64*17=$1088 value, in-kind.

I don't think I will be able to attend the meeting tonight, so could someone propose this or modify it, second, and vote and let me know FIRST THING tomorrow morning what to write Colleen?

Thanks all.

11-03-2005, 10:23 AM
No updates? Any discussion in the meeting?