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Shark Bait
11-07-2005, 01:43 PM
This came across the FJ55 list:

All, as indicated a few weeks ago, I am now ready to sell the 76 FJ55
that I have had for a little over 5 years and for which for the most
part has been basically sitting in my garage for the last 3 years.
Reason for selling is I am going to devote my restoration efforts to the
recently acquired and relatively straight and rust-free 70 FJ55. For a
fellow L/C owner, the asking price is $1,500 firm. I am listing locally
for $1,800 this weekend. Particulars; 1) Stock with the exception of 1)
smog equipment removed 2) headers 3) Rear Disc Brakes. Carb was rebuilt
by Jim Chenoweth and he head was redone by a competent machine shop,
both about 4 years ago (probably less than 2000 miles). Vehicle is
currently registered, drives great and everything works with the
exception of the Transfer case parking brake which needs to be rebuilt
(transfer case seal probably needs to be replaced as well). Other known
mechanical issues; 1) Front Knuckles need to be rebuilt and steering is
a little loose with likely common items like center arm and tie-rods
probably needing replacement (at least looked at). Engine & Drivetrain
are strong. I have driven the vehicle on a few lengthy trips (3-4 hrs
one way with no issues (other than maxed out on the freeway @ about 70
mph). Body has typical rust (front fenders, rear quarters, rockers, and
floor pan) but nothing that I wouldn't deem relatively common for a pig.
Additionally, the roof cap does have what I would term as above average
rust with several sections requiring repair. Parts are worth the asking
price and probably then some but if you have bodywork skills, this is an
easy way to get a relatively cheap fully functioning Pig. Pictures
available upon request and I looking to move this rig quickly.

Tom Green - TLCA #9596
Bainbridge Is, WA
76 FJ55 (F/S), 70 FJ55

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