View Full Version : Devil Mountain Trail - As reported in the 3rd Quarter 2007 High Trails

07-14-2007, 01:43 AM
On Monday July 9th I found myself in Pagosa Springs and after touring the Chimney Rock Archeological Area (really nice) we headed over to the nearby Devil Mountain Trail (FR 626) to drive to the top for a picnic lunch. I figured it was karma since the trail had been described in the 3rd Quarter 2007 High Trails magazine. It was an easy dirt road requring nothing more than decent clearance. Views were mostly obscured by trees. In fact, the aspen at the top are so thick that there are no longer 360 degree views at the top. The air was also hazy from nearby forest fires. This is grazing land, so the cow pies and flies were intense at the top. We backtracked and found a decent place for lunch. At the Mesa Spring Hunter's Campground the area was all torn up by the cattle. Would I do it again. Unfortunately not. However, two of my passengers were new to four-wheeling and had a great time. My fiance also was able to drive all the way back down and she enjoyed that a lot. So, it was a successful day.