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07-15-2007, 08:39 PM
Ginger, Gabe, and I didn't have a big enough adventure going to California and doing the Rubithon for 14 days. So we are packing up again. Actually, Gabe and I have to get the trailer fixed as we are leaving Wed. for a week in Montana for the MT 4wd Association Run in two days. All of us (including K9s) are leaving at the end of July for an art show in Sheridan, Wyoming and then from there we will head down to Colorado. We should arrive near Vail the night of the 7th. We are planning on heading up to Holy Cross City on the 8th with some friends (Butch Lewis and family). If anyone wants to join us you are more than welcome. Then Thursday we have to set up the art booth. Friday-Sunday Ginger will be doing the Art thing. My mom is coming with us from Wyoming to help with the art show and is going to do Holy Cross with us :confused: Not sure if that is a good thing or not. My dad is driving down Friday afternoon. So Friday Gabe and I will have to find some trouble somewhere in the general area between 8-5. Saturday we (my dad, Gabe and I) plan on heading over to the Rallye (the online registration still isn't up or I'd be registered). Then Sunday morning my dad, Gabe, and I are going to go do another trail in the Vail vicinity. Then we are packing up at 5pm on Sunday and heading to Oak Creek for Sunday night and then over to Dinosaur (gotta see the Dinos) on Monday and SLC and home by Tuesday. Arghhh! Another 15 days on the road. Maybe I can fill out part year resident status on my taxes this year? JK, I've not earned any out of state income, I've just blown through a bunch of savings.

It appears we are going to camp in Gypsum unless we can find something in Dillon. I think these Dillon campgrounds are fictitious as they have been impossible to contact. Ginger needs a shower every day of the show. Leadville is the other choice but it seems like we'd be better off high tailing it on I70 35 miles to Vail from Gypsum rather than 35 miles of twisty two lane. I PM'd Farnham for suggestions as suggested in my post earlier in the year.

07-16-2007, 12:42 AM
Leadville has awesome camping, amazing history. The road may be twisty but it's nicely paved and everyone drives fast.

Gypsum is where they make wall board.

Need I say more?

Uncle Ben
07-16-2007, 09:56 AM
There is a small campground near Gypsum that is well managed. Stayed there a couple times while coming home and it got to late to push all the way. The Eagle Valley is nice but really not as scenic and surrounding areas. The Gypsum plant is definitely an eyesore but it sure does support the local economy up there!

07-16-2007, 12:57 PM
Well we are staying at Sugar Loafin in Leadville on Thursday-Saturday night. Tuesday and Wednesday we are staying in the National Forest near the Holy Cross Trail. The lady at the FS was very helpful. She drives from Leadville Area to Copper Mountain every day. She suggested we go that way in the morning as the road is better. She said 24 is a scenic drive and maybe we'd come back that way. She figured 45 minutes from Sugar Loafin to Vail. Plus if Gabe and I get stuck without the Cruiser there is stuff for us to do right there. A lake for the dogs to play in etc... Plus it is more on our way to the Rallye or appears to be on the map.

I'm excited about this trip again now that reservations are made.

07-16-2007, 08:30 PM
Eric, the best of luck to you guys at the art show in Vail! Sorry I will not be around that weekend to support you as I originaly planned. I will be out in Buffalo vising the girlfriend. Sounds like you will be in Vail for the farmers market. Lots of people there every sunday. The market itself is of the main road right before the coverd bridge. Last time I was there this summer, I saw a few artist, and some photographers(though I didn't care for what they were trying). Also, if you have time, stop by and say hello to Vail International Gallery(off Main). My Dad shows there, they are very nice people, I really enjoyed talking with them. Maybe Ginger can have time to say hello to them?? Tell them I sent you;) . Oh, and don't forget to say hello to Farnham, he lives in Golden Peak, a stones throw away from the chairlift.
Highway 24 to Leadville is an awesome drive. Gives you a good idea of what Colorados about. There is also a lot of good camping along that road. Leadville is also a great little town, lots of history. Have a great time in CO!!:beer: :beer: