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07-20-2007, 06:29 PM
My dad just bought a Prius from Stevenson and Tina and I are thinking of buying one. My Dad bought the EV only switch on-line and will need someone to install it. It's the optional button that allows electric mode only. Evidentially it's an option in non-us models and a 45 minute mod to install in the glove box. He has he instructions for the install but doesn't want to risk messing something up taking things apart. I tried to tell him it's just your first mod - dive in and go for it. But, he's more cautious. He was getting ready to have some Joe Toyota shop on Broadway install it but thought someone may be able to refer me to someone else that perhaps works on Prius' and has done it before.

I plan to talk to Bill Van Beak about all this bout would like to line up a mechanic for my Dad.

07-23-2007, 08:18 AM
Justin is looking for side work, and he will be honest about if he feels comfortable about doing it. PM 'Squishy!'.

07-23-2007, 09:23 AM
Scott I've actually considered this, already have the switch just haven't got around to devoting the time to learn it. www.priuschat.com is the Mud of Prii, well probably closer to the Yotatech of Prii, but anyway there's several detailed write-ups on there about how to do the EV switch install. You have to pull a good amount of the dash off, then splice into a wire back there that iirc is behind the glovebox, but since the switch goes left of the steering column you're running across the whole dash.

If you get into this, also search for the "purple wire" mod where you can run a switch to the speed sensor wire, that allows your passenger to access all the nav stuff while the car is moving with the flick of a switch. It essentially tells your car the car is stopped again, so you lose all your speed/efficiency info but at least your wife can find that dang restaurant without you having to pull over. :rant:

Most guys buy them (and other accessories) from Sigma Automotive, may want to turn your dad onto that site, there's some fun stuff on there.. I actually got mine from broter Mot along with some other JDM stuff a while back.

Once the EV switch is installed though, the Prius is all electric below 35mph, if you go too fast or run out of battery it'll kick you out into normal mode again. I think it would be cool for backing the car out of the garage, moving it to a different parking spot, getting out of crouded parking lots, etc., you could make sure the engine stays off entirely. But I either like working on my cruisers more, or am less intimidated by them than I am the Prius, so I just continue to mod those things and leave the EV switch on the shelf. There's also a bit of debate about possibly voiding your warranty, but I think that's hooey though your dad should at least consider it. This switch is standard equipment everywhere but here, not even an upgrade option.