View Full Version : Membership Roster Correction Thread

07-30-2007, 12:06 PM
I am starting this thread in the general section incase there are members who don't have access to tyhe Members Only Section yet.

We have some issues with our Roster being current and up to date, so if you can't get into the members section and you are paid in full for 2007, then post up here. Those that are members and are not listed in the current roster that is linked within the Members Only section, post in the current thread there.

07-31-2007, 12:35 AM
Thanks Ken. As Secretary, I maintain the roster. Whenever anyone joins at a meeting, or renews at a meeting, I make a note of it and write it down. I update the roster periodically (several times per year) and post it up in the members only section.

Since I don't take the money and don't have access to our Paypal records or checking records, I rely on other officers to keep me informed on who's paid and who hasn't. Our current roster is largely correct and complete, but I am sure there are a few omissions and old addresses and stuff in it.

If you are a member and can't see the member's section, please post it up here. If you've renewed and can see the member's section, please post it up there. I last updated the roster on 6/21/07, members who were voted in at the 7/11/07 meeting won't show up on that roster but will be in there by tomorrow.

Happy cruisin'!