View Full Version : '96 Tacoma Parts

07-31-2007, 03:42 PM
Nothing too exciting here, just cleaning out the garage and under the stairs. I have the following:

Cover I\P Lower Center - Oak
P/N 55479-04030
Bottom cover to the center dash console. The '97 or is it '98 models have two power points, this does NOT.

Cable Assy, Speedometer
P/N 83710-35110
Speedometer cable for the '96 Taco, not sure if it will fit any other year or model.
Make an offer.

And if you are really desperate, I have a slightly beaten up
Protector, Transfer
P/N 36179-04010

In the never been used category. I also have some tire chains (1 pair) for a LT 255/85-16 or LT265/75-16 made by SCC (Security Chain Company). At least that's what is on the label. Also free. (I think I may have another pair for the same size, but I don't know about the condition.)

I'll bring them to the meeting on Wednesday night. Let me know if you want them.

the Other Matt