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08-02-2007, 12:34 PM
I have a couple of pics of my galaxie that I was going to post, but they are 220k & the limit is 150k.

Can anyone tell me how to shrink the file size? Or do I have to have some sort of Picture editing software to do this?


08-02-2007, 12:39 PM
Picture editing software is the best method, but if you don't have any or if you don't know how, an easier method for posting pics is to use a picture hosting service that will allow you to link your pics via a url. I use SmugMug (http://www.smugmug.com/). It costs about 30 bucks a year and I have thousands of pictures posted there. They have tools to automatically resize the pics and you can link to the pics in forums rather than uploading them. It's also a good method for backing up your pictures in the event that your home hard drive fails.

08-02-2007, 12:40 PM
I use Irfanview (http://www.irfanview.com/) for resizing pictures. Free and simple to use.

08-02-2007, 12:50 PM
Just use Paint. open the file, press Ctrl-W (for image, stretch/skew) then type in a percentage for horizontal and vertical. If you go 50% on both your image will be half the size... takes 2 seconds.

08-02-2007, 12:54 PM
I use "Paint" as well. Most every PC comes with it as part of your software package.

Uncle Ben
08-02-2007, 12:58 PM
I have a couple of pics of my galaxie that I was going to post, but they are 220k & the limit is 150k.

Can anyone tell me how to shrink the file size? Or do I have to have some sort of Picture editing software to do this?


Didn't your digital camera come with some photo freeware? If not I'm sure someone has a disk they will gladly give you plus I'm sure a quick e-snoop will find you some freeware that will do the trick.

08-02-2007, 01:01 PM
Thanks a ton guys! Paint worked perfectly. I took the pics with my phone yesterday (visiting the car in the shop), because I figured the low res of the phone would make them small enough. But, they were still too big...

I appreciate the tips!


08-02-2007, 01:44 PM
I prefer MS Photo Editor which I believe is also loaded on most PCs? Simple to change the photo size either by dimension or by pixel size.

I use this when I'm only doing a few photos. If you need to do a bunch at one time, I've found MS' Image Resizer to be REALLY slick and it is free :hill:

It allows you to resize as many pics as you want in just a couple easy steps. Highlight the pics you want to resize, right-click and select resize pics, select from one of the options (small, medium, large, or custom), and voila! The tool even renames the pics for you so your originals remain in tact.

This is really helpful for when you want to post up a bunch of pics from a trip or trail run or event etc.

MS PowerToys Image Resizer (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx)

It is toward the bottom with the download link on the right side of the page.

I also use, from time to time, Photobucket. Free to join/use and not sure if there is a limit to the number of pics/vids you can have up there. I use Photobucket when I want to attach/insert/link an image and have text to go with it rather than have to type "In image 1 :blah: :blah: ", "In image 2 :blah: :blah: " etc.

Doing this also gets you around the 5 picture limit per post here and the 3 picture limit per post in MUD. The downside is that since the pictures are really links, if your Photobucket account ever goes away or you move your pictures (i.e. regroup them in a different folder) the link to the pictures gets broken and people start seeing the box with a red x in it. Requires a little more advanced thought when setting up folders etc. and of course the additional time of uploading the photos so you can link them.

Photobucket can resize your pics but I usually just resize them first using the image resizer and then upload them to Photobucket.

08-02-2007, 01:47 PM
I like this one. Simplest one I have found and it can do multiple pictures at a time.

Look for Image Resizer.

Direct link to download

08-02-2007, 04:08 PM
x2 for IrfanView

Super easy to use. Paint works fine if you only want to resize or do crude editing. Resizing can be done by pixels or to a set size. there are selections for "half" or "double" as well as std sizes like 800x600 etc. I copy images from the net all the time and by using Irfanview as my default it will automatically convert odd file extensions to jpg (some editors will not open a pic if it is not a jpg gif tiff etc)
When I am posting pics of my truck I usually don't want the lic plate to show; in IrfanView under "Image" and "effects" there are several ways to blur a portion of the image (as well as red eye removal).

Photobucket is also a great resource. There are limits (image size is the worst one) on the free accts but most people rarely hit them. I used to be webmaster for a online gaming site and so I have one of the pay accounts. I rarely upload directly to forums because I can place it in Photobucket and it can be accessed by multiple sites (as well as have any size image/file I choose).
I also like to set it up with a password so I can let friends view groups of trip photos.

08-02-2007, 05:06 PM
I use the Powertoy Picture Resizer as stated above. There are a lot of cool powertoys like graphing calculators, etc... that are all free.