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08-06-2007, 02:34 PM
Toyota USA 50th Anniversary Extravaganza

Saturday, October 27th, 2007, 10 am to 5 pm

Toyota USA Automobile Museum
19001 S. Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90509

Contact: Susan Sanborn (310) 468-4728

There will be food and drinks served. Also, there will be guest speakers
from Toyota in attendance including Mr. David Lee, Senior Product Education & Development Administrator for TMS USA. Mr. Lee is responsible for the development of all Land Cruiser educational materials and product knowledge, so his presentation should be worthwhile. In addition, there will be videos and other exhibits in the museum itself along with a bunch of museum-quality Land Cruisers.

The Toyota Museum is requesting a grand showing from the Land Cruiser
community. From what I understand, parking at the museum is somewhat
limited. Meaning specifically that the museum parking lot will be reserved
for Land Cruisers of all types, so get there a bit early if you plan to
attend. This is not a TLCA sponsored event, but we will have something akin to a membership booth at the museum. Unfortunately, I will not be wearing a sombrero.

There has also been talk of a "new" Land Cruiser that we might possibly get
to see, so that may turn out to be pretty interesting as well.

In addition, the editor of Toyota Today, the Toyota dealer magazine, has
asked me to put the word out for story submissions for their 50th
anniversary edition. I would respectfully request that you please spread
the word to your chapters to see if there is any interest. Interested
parties should shoot me an email (jphillips@riversidelab.com) and I will put
them in contact with the lead writer of Toyota Today.

Any questions, please email me or call me at 951-738-8152.

Best regards,

Jason Phillips