View Full Version : FJ60 parts for sale

08-08-2007, 06:01 AM
I'm clearing out my stash of 60 parts, here's what's left:

dash trim bezel, ash tray 5$
almost new clutch disk and pressure plate 5$
front turn lamp, pass side 10$
stock spare tire/wheel 10$
stock 60 wheel 10
gutted air pump 15 (Steve H)
rear bumper with end caps 20
instrument guage cluster 30
AC compressor 30
wiper linkage 30
differential carrier 10
Yokohama tires mounted on stock wheels, 31x9.5 75$

08-10-2007, 06:04 AM
Anybody else want me to bring some of this stuff to the rally?

08-10-2007, 09:42 AM
Can you bring the air pump and the PS pump?. How can I recognize you at the rally? - cell phone? truck description? Thanks - Steve (theoretically driving a tan FJ45 pickup)

Shark Bait
08-10-2007, 09:44 AM

I would take the jack if it's complete. Won't be at the rally, but if you could give it to a South Sider I will get the cash to you.

08-10-2007, 10:44 AM
I'll be driving my red 60 (with the For Sale signs on it.) I've updated the above list with items that are already spoken for.