View Full Version : Anyone up for an easy day-run some time over the long weekend?

08-28-2007, 12:16 PM
I'm wondering if anybody might be up for a fairly easy day run (no camping) some time over the long weekend? I'm moving a bunch of stuff to storage on Saturday, so that's probably out, but either Sunday or Monday would be good for me. I'd like to hit some of the higher trails in Summit County before the snow comes in and closes them.

Even though I've owned 4wd vehicles for almost 30 years, I'm pretty much a novice 4-wheeler with a stock rig (2004 Taco, non-TRD.) With no lift, stock tires and open diffs, I'm not looking for anything challenging, just nice trails with great, Summit County scenery (preferably "through" trails rather than the ones where you go up and then come back down the same way.) I'm thinking maybe Webster Pass, then over to Breckenridge, play around the Swan Creek trails, then back over Georgia Pass, down to Fairplay, up over Mosquito, and finally back from Leadville via Weston Pass. Sounds ambitious, I know, but I'm open to suggestions. I would really like to do Webster some time this year, though, even though I'm a little frightened by the narrow shelf (there's one guy on the web who describes Webster as having "the narrowest shelf road I've ever been on.")

Anyone else interested? Or is everyone going to Moab? :p:

08-31-2007, 12:12 PM
Update: Looks like I've got a couple of guys from the Colo4x4.org website who want to go, anyone else is welcome. We'll be doing in on Sunday, the 2nd. I decided to drop Webster from the intinerary. Our tentative plan will be to meet in Dillon at a Starbucks or some other coffee shop in the King Soopers shopping center at about 8:30am and hit the trail NLT 9am (we're still hammering out the details.)

Plans are to run Saints John to North Swan, then up over Georgia Pass and down to Jefferson. From there, I'd like to go to Fairplay and Alma and up over Mosquito, but we'll make that call depending on time (I don't want to be on Mosquito if it looks like lightning is likely.) Then a late lunch in Leadville and a casual trip back via Weston Pass and 285.

Anyone else is welcome!