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09-02-2007, 07:03 PM
1981 FJ60 Landcruiser $1600 , BEST OFFER !!!!

Parts Vehicle or a builder or it may pass emissions, have not tried, plate expires in 2010

The bad..............
1) smokes when started (passed last years emissions)
2) Rusted Body, frame is ok

Everything else .....................

1891 tool kit
2F engine with 100K miles since complete rebuild.
TSM rear disk brakes
1 ton front/rear leaf springs
orig rims, hub caps etc.
replaced P/S pump 2 years ago
replaced radiator last year
replaced alternator last year
replaced brake master 8/29/07
replaced rear 83 riveria calipers (TSM conversion) 9/5/2007

Parts...................... used......... Not Installed

extra rebuildable carburator.
front headlight trim
front passenger door parts
rear 1/4 panel sections that I was going to use in a restore
extra used rear upper tail gate ( liftgate)
stock oem springs
rear drums and parts that were removed years ago
Extra used smog pump (sold)
extra front bumper with end caps
front headrest
front passenger side window
front seat cover

Parts.................. new and 1 reman......... Not Installed

Rebuilt air pump, never used.
Carburetor insulator 21912-61035 Toyota
Discharge Hose (air conditioner) 88711-90A00 Toyota
Left Rear Tail Light Lens CCOT Toyota
Manifold Gasket Toyota Toyota
PCV Valve 39309 Napa
Spark Plugs #65 autolite
zztfr gasket 068-22 spector
Radiator Hose 16571-61090 Toyota
Seal oil ax shaft 90311-47001 Toyota
bearing rcy 47 903065-47013 Toyota
Seal oil ax shaft 90311-38134 Toyota
Seal oil ax shaft 90311-38134 Toyota
Carburetor Jet #180 90999-42180 Toyota
seal type S oil 90310-21034 Toyota
gasket egr inlet 25628-61050 Toyota
horn ring 45176-20030 Toyota
brush - armature 27371-31011 Toyota
brush - armature 27371-31011 Toyota
shifter seat 062-77 spector
Clt Slave Kit 04313-60020 spector 0908-7
bearing bal 18 90363-18001 Toyota
bearing BLT2212 Napa
cylinder kits front 04479-30030 Toyota
horn cont ring 45176-20030 Toyota
spring, compression 90363-28001 Toyota
exhaust pipe seal ring Toyota Toyota
muffler hanger block 17567-61030 Toyota
bearing bal 90363-28001 Toyota
sbx #49 seal 0220-7 spector
dome bulb 0106-8 spector
wheel cylinder kit wk1218 raybestos
PS pump rebuild gaskets 04446-30010 Toyota
washer 90201-12051 Toyota
steel front brake line Toyota
bearing bal 90363-30007 Toyota
bearing set #14 l44643-L44610 Napa
caliper kit c7615 95d03xb Traffic king
caliper kit c7615 95d03xb Traffic king
bearing 25877 Timken
bearing 90365-47013 Toyota

email: salto_jorge@yahoo.com

10-02-2007, 06:14 PM
Still for sale.

Make me an offer for everything but the new parts and smog pump.
Take what you need like the axles and part the rest.