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Boulder Cruiser
09-21-2007, 11:54 PM
One of my neighbors called the city and complained about all the cars we have :mad:
The city wrote us a letter telling us we were illegally storing vehicle's and we have until Oct to take care of it or we get a $1k Fine. I cant have the 40 and the 60 parked in my driveway unless there registered, I went and registered them and asked the lady at the DMV what the deal was, she said they cant say anything unless there parked on public roads. Then i guess my stash of 40 parts on the side of my garage is "ugly" and i need to take care of it.
On top of that my neighbor keeps calling animal control because she hates my dogs, im almost positive it was her that complained, we've had beef since i moved in.

Im so pissed, any of you guys had this problem? Any thing i can do? (besides what they want :) )

09-21-2007, 11:58 PM
someone said we were running a buisness, they called the home owners association, who came to the house and asked for registration and titles of all the vehicles.

09-22-2007, 02:47 AM
no comment....if you get me on that soap box I won't come down

09-22-2007, 08:47 AM
Many moons ago we lived next to a "Professional Motorcycle Enthusiast" code for "biker". He told me I was a "Professional Land Cruiser Enthusiast". He was a disabled vet that was a full time biker. Awesome neighbor. The second night we moved in he wanted to know what time we went to bed. He wanted to know if he should shut his bike down and coast in at night or if he could ride all the way into his garage. Our bedroom was about 15 feet from his garage. Every night he shut down a block away and coasted in. Nice yard. His looks scared most folks (bald, birth control military issue glasses, goat tee) but really he was just a big kid. He had a Rottie that was just a real sweet dog. It never barked unless the person came in a uniform. Dominos, Mailman, UPS, Cops, etc... Anyway, we had a dog hating neighbor across the street who was always calling the police on him. I once caught him riding his bike up and down our alley antagonizing the dogs and then he'd run and call the cops. He had no business in our alley. He reported my dogs once so we ended up setting up surveillance cameras. He didn't like being a movie star and threatened to sue us. Anyway, back to the funny part of the story. Our biker neighbor was just a little drunk. But he was generally a happy drunk and would sit on his porch and not bother anyone. We were out eating pizza on our front porch. Of course the Domino's guy had just delivered it. The cops showed up and said they were serving him with a warrant to appear in court on disturbing the peace and maintaining a fighting dog. I was trying to mind my own business but I couldn't help but to start laughing. Mad Brad (the biker) said to the cop that the only reason his dog barked is if there was an intruder on his property. And that his dog was good at keeping intruders out and that if he couldn't have his dog that he'd end up shooting the intruder and that would be a bad thing. Then he told the cop if he had to get rid of his dog he was going to shoot the intruder and then take him and throw him through the neighbor across the street's front window and he'd have a dead guy laying on his couch. He said, "Then we will see who has the real problem." Actually insert a bunch of slurred swear words in there too. Anyway, a bunch of us ended up going to court with him as this guy was way out of hand on his hate for dogs. We even found out that previous neighbors who had left the neighborhood had their dogs poisoned. I think he did it. We ended up moving away but not because of the bad neighbor but because we bought our own place.

Of course this new place had a good neighbor on one side and a neighbor on the other side that drove us nuts with their loud barking dog. It was nothing a fence of wrecked Land Cruisers didn't solve. And they of course enjoyed the view out their dining room window. Who wouldn't love to see a rusted brown BJ60, a rolled blue/white 55, and a burned 40 at every meal. They couldn't report us for unregistered vehicles as they also had one that was in plain sight.

And our new place on Land Cruiser Lane has been wonderful until a few weeks ago when our one neighbor decided to hack into our wireless. He does security for the military on their computers. I've shut down the wireless but I'm thinking that wasn't good enough.

09-22-2007, 08:55 AM
Im so pissed, any of you guys had this problem? Any thing i can do? (besides what they want :) )

Anyone have this problem? :eek:

Do a search, (hint: treeroot)

09-22-2007, 09:13 AM
I lived in Boulder for a long time, and many years ago lived in a house with: A non running toyota 2wd truck parked on the street, a totaled VW Scirroco in the driveway, a running 4wd toyota truck and a running BMW 2002 parked on the street and several various motorcycles, mtn bikes, and a canoe all in the front yard/driveway. Obviously we were not the best neighbors. We like to smoke meat in the backyard in our homemade smoker too.

Anyway, the city made it very clear to us that any vehicle parked in Boulder has to be registered or it has to be gone. This was pre-internet and I didn't have the motivation to do my own research, but when the code enforcement guy showed up and said "move em or lose em" we moved em.

In this day and age of the internet, if they're not running you may be screwed.


I didn't read the whole thing, as it looks boring, but section 7.7.4 states that any vehicle on any property that is inoperable for more than 30 days is a public nuisance.

Sorry, I was hoping that by reliving a small part of my past I could find a loop hole. If they are running, register them and it sounds like you will be fine, except for the fact that you have a nosy neighbor who doesn't like you.

Uncle Ben
09-22-2007, 09:29 AM
Nothing you can do! Once the city has you on radar then it's pretty hard to shake them. I did beat the city here once when I had a PO'ed code enforcement lady. She wanted a pile of decorative rock I had in the driveway that sat there for a few months untouched. She asked me if she could have it and I told her to go fish. I then started getting notices about too many vehicles and of course neglected surplus landscaping materials. I confronted her and told her if I was in violation then give me a summons or leave me alone. She wrote me up for storage of a commercial vehicle on a residential street. My dump truck, trailer and backhoe had been there about a week as I was in between jobs with them. Anyway I had kept and documented everything and turned it all in to the eviction lawyer our company uses. He was more than happy to file suit on the city for harassment. (I took pictures of several other residents in my neighborhood with everything from their tv repair vehicles all the way up to a neighbor up the street 's 18 wheeler that he parks when he is passing through). The case was dropped, I dropped my suit AND that officer obviously was instructed to leave me alone as it was two years before I had the displeasure of her communication on other matters. I hate folks abusing there power because they can!
Ask Treeroot, if they lock in on you AND you are in violation the ONLY thing you can do is comply! I beat them because my case was in a gray area of the code.

09-22-2007, 02:04 PM
I still believe, that you can beat a lot of this stuff if you go out of your way to be a good neighbor. It is all the little things that can add up and get you in good graces with your neighbors.

One lady directly across from me calls the cops on everyone, for loud music, being rowdy, parties, parking stuff things like that. She was on the HOA board for a while and she drives in closes her garage before even getting out of her car. I slowly started to work on being nice, and greeting her. Now she comes over (some of the time) to chat and catch up on things. I have introduced her to some of our neighbors she has lived within 200 feet of for YEARS and never met.

I know she would blow the whistle on me if I hadn't befriended her by now.

A batch of home made salsa, or warm cookies goes a long way to knowing your neighbors.

Communication is a lost art. Everyone wants to call the cops verses asking someone to quite down or move a car. I am convinced we get proactive, then you can befriend some of these folks and live in much better community.

Just my little .02


PS. I just reread this, I am not saying you aren't a good nieghbor, but being proactive and kind will soften even the hardest peoples hearts.

09-22-2007, 09:14 PM

I agree. The biker guy was a good example of it. He didn't have to shut his bike down and coast in but he did and he introduced himself right away. Our neighbors we have now other than the internet incident are really good.

Sugar draws more flies than vinegar.

None of my neighbors have ever complained about the junk Cruisers. I keep them in back and try to keep them out of site. So far, so good.

Boulder Cruiser
09-22-2007, 10:17 PM
I agree that being a good neighbor is key and Ive tried doing that, i don't think any of my other neighbors have problems with me but the only anal lady on my street lives right next to me. There are three other people on my street that have trucks that don't move, my anal neighbor has a pretty sweet unimog sittin in the back of the yard near my dog run, one guy has this ancient ford sittin in the front yard, and the last guy has an old fire truck and a caboose (Yea half a train) How come I'm the one that gets picked on!!
Treeroot I did the search and found your thread, I'm sorry dude, wish i had seen it earlier i would have been over there helping out. I liked the yard the way it looked before, quite the collection :thumb:
Thanks for the info and stories guys!
Hopefully i wont have to sell the 40 and/or 60 since neither of them drive, but i did register them so....we'll see.

Boulder Cruiser
09-22-2007, 10:26 PM
Oh and by the way ive been in this house for a good 4-5 years, i would bring her cookies but i think she'd throw them in my face, we had some pretty good over the fence fights. This one time i was sitting out in the yard with some friends when i look over at the dogs (they have a good size barn and fenced area against her property) and there was this fountain of water coming into there kennel. I went over to investigate and sure enough there she is with her hose soaking my dogs, I Freaked out. Anyways thats just one of many arguments we've had over the years.

09-23-2007, 11:51 AM
That sucks bud, sorry to hear that.


09-24-2007, 12:55 AM
Sometimes bad neighbors are just bad neighbors and there is nothing you can do about it. We get along with all of our neighbors except for one, the ones right across the street.

The lady and the daughter are nice enough, but the guy is just an ahole plain and simple. Been that way since the day they moved in from California. They moved in a couple winters ago, just before Christmas. One morning my wife notices that the lights they strung up on their house were hanging down in front of their garage. Trying to be nice, my wife went over to tell them just in case they didn't notice and backed out of their garage and into their lights. Wife rings their doorbell and starts to tell the guy and he starts bitching her out and yelling at her. She is thinking WTF?

Since that day we just leave him alone. He has reported all of the neighbors in for dog barking including us saying our dog barked non-stop all day long while we were at work...Funny thing is, our dog is kept INSIDE in a kennel during the day so unless he is sitting on our front porch with an ear to the window he isn't hearing squat? HOA had a hard time explaining that to us. Currently he is taking the his next door neighbors to court for their barking dogs, which IMO don't really bark anymore than any other dogs do. Before this he would use an air horn and if the dogs started barking he would blast that sucker for about 10 seconds. Having that go off 10+ times on a Saturday is a hell of a lot more annoying than the dog occasionally barking at someone that walks by. Of course he "claims" he has no air horn...

About a month ago he came over to say we had a "mutual problem" with the neighbors and their dogs barking and the teenage kids being, well teenagers. He wanted us to write a letter to the HOA and back him up. Ummmmm, no, ain't happening.

Bottom line, sometimes there isn't much you can do other than not give them a reason to complain which can be tough. I like Drew's approach but I sort of think we tried that and got slapped in the face. So now we just act like he doesn't exist and hope someday they'll move back to California :D

09-24-2007, 06:36 AM
I feel the pain of this thread. We did have to jump through some hoops in the past. We have had different cars down for a bit at the house in Louisville. We did get warning, but with talking to the code people we found that un registered vechicles on the property with a car cover worked for louisville. So the parts car got a car cover, and as long as the cover was on the car, no problem. So maybe in the city of Boulder it may work as well. Now we never had more than one vechcicle down at a time, and only room for one parts car(nothing like treeroot).
We did solve some of the problem by moving to a new location. But only time will tell if people will complain about us(I do hope to have a couple of projects in the course of the next few years).
Hope you find a solution. later robbie

Nemesis Gnat
09-24-2007, 07:46 PM
ive got a small amount of extra room up at my place in 4 mile... i doubt anyone would bug you up here... i can talk to my roommates if youre interested in maybe stashing something up here...

Boulder Cruiser
09-24-2007, 08:39 PM
Thanks for the offer ill defiantly let you know if things come down to that.

I dont if the tarp thing works here, i had the 40 covered when they city guy came. Im going to talk to him one of these days, ill ask him about that thanks for the info Robbie!

Corsair, I have the same problem with my neighbor, she says the dogs bark all day long, Im always home and their running around or sleeping. They do occasionally bark but not as bad she says.

Thanks for support guys :cheers:

09-25-2007, 08:42 AM
What about buying one of those portable covers/garage at Costco?