View Full Version : free appliances- old, beige, not nice, but they work, and they're free

09-28-2007, 01:57 PM
you haul. :D

Bill's freezer thread reminded me I could be giving these away to someone.. Electric stove, fridge (freezer on top), stacking washer/dryer. I've already paid to have them removed but that's not for another week, so if someone wants to pick up a used appliance in the Evergreen/Aspen Park area between now and next Friday let me know, thanks.

edit: also have a brass/wood 52" 5 blade ceiling fan someone could have.. comes with a 3' drop pole. Nothing wrong with it, other than it's not new and it's not white.. so it had to go. Doesn't have a light on the bottom, but could have one, I'll throw in a speed selector wall switch if anyone really wants this thing. I'll keep it around for another week or so before I just toss it.

edit2: Also have a few random light fixtures (keeping with the brass/wood motif), and will soon have a couple full bathrooms- vanities, sinks, toilets, mirrors.. again all free in fact I'll even let you remove the bathroom stuff. :thumb: