View Full Version : Checker Auto Discount

10-01-2007, 03:45 PM
Ok, probably not really tech, but...

I stopped at Checker Saturday to pick up some brake grease per the FSM and some 6 ton jack stands (got tired of waiting for the ones I ordered on sale from Sears to come in). Guy behind the counter asks if I had called on them? I said no? He said "Are you sure? We give 10% off on parts that customers call about and that we have in stock". OK I said, then yeah that was me that called :D

Anyway, not sure if this applies to all Checker locations or just the one I went to (County Line Rd and Holly - which IMO is about the dumpiest one of them all but close to home) and I forgot to ask what exactly the discount applies to. The guy stated it was something they just started doing. Works for me...

BUT, next time you are heading to a Checker (if you even go there) to get something might be worth a quick call to see if they have it in stock and hopefully get 10% off.