View Full Version : Trade my 35" mtrs for your 33" swampers or?

10-06-2007, 05:00 PM
I have a set of 4 35's mounted on 15x8 6 on 5.5 3 inch backspace cheapo chrome wheels. I would like to trade them for a set of 33" swampers on a wheel with the same lug pattern etc. unless you want to pay to have them switched. Tires must be damn near new, my MTR's only have a few hundred miles on them and are in perfect shape, they even still have some of the little spikies left on them. My 35's are just a little too big for what I'm trying to do and I'm not going through the extra effort to make them work.

I would also be willing to trade these and a little bit of cash straight across for a running Toyota pickup truck 4x4, straight axle preferred (a long shot I know but worth a try). Or if it will help sweeten the deal I can throw in 2 spare 3rds, 4.11 ratio, one welded, one open.

I am located in Dumont just west of Idaho Springs and right now I don't have a vehicle that can transport these tires (long story..) so if you are interested I will need you to come to me. This I really apologize for but it's the situation I'm in presently.

I will also take $800obo for the tires/wheels

PM or call 720-384-6785 for questions or offers. Justin