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10-07-2007, 11:35 PM
Since the girls were taking over the house for the weekend, my buddy Dave and I headed up to Buena Vista Friday night, with a stop in Bailey for Mexican food.

By the time we got to the truck stop in Johnson's Village at 9:25 Saturday morning, it was pretty windy, and it got windier by 10:00AM, when we left the trailhead. Landbruiser didn't make it, so it was just us and Mudthug (Greg) for the trip. I guess BogusBlake was around JV somewhere, but we must have missed him. Here's the obligatory beginning of trail shot.


Here's one of Mudthug on some pile of rocks alongside the wash. Sorry, I don't know the names of anything on this trail, other than Whale Rock.


The trip was uneventful, and lots of fun. I made the left line on Whale Rock, which I'd only tried once before, and cracked the 4Runner's frame by the steering box in the process. This time, 110" of wheelbase, 65" of axle width, and aired down Rockers let me climb up at 200:1 without spinning a wheel. Many thanks to Dave and Greg for their spotting!

We tried to get Greg up the left side of this thing, but couldn't quite get it done. He had little trouble with the right side.


As Blake mentioned in the staging thread, we ran into him and some guys in a nice 80 later on in the trail. Blake took out a tail light (and some sheet metal, I think) on a rocky section near the top, but that was the only carnage of the day. All in all, a fine day wheelin'.

Lest you guys give me a hard time for showing only Jeep pictures, here's the only one I took of my 4Runner on the trail. Greg took some others, so if I get 'em, I'll post some.



10-08-2007, 12:06 AM
Looks like a great trip! I need to get in on the next one. I'd love to go up with a fellow 4Runner owner!

10-08-2007, 09:01 AM
Way to go getting up the left line on Whale rock. Very few make it or even try it. I have seen numerous steering related issues on that when you try to prevent your tires from turning when your front tires are perched at the top. Too about about your frame. Nice runner!

10-08-2007, 11:02 AM
Yeah, I think his frame is long since fixed. Took it by Caskey's a couple years ago?

10-08-2007, 07:42 PM
Yeah, I think his frame is long since fixed. Took it by Caskey's a couple years ago?

Yep, it's fixed. The trip I broke it on was a few years ago, on a weekend-before-Moab warmup run. I didn't find the crack 'till later that week, and had to buy an IFS brace from ORS and have Tom Woods' son, who had a shop in Moab at the time, weld it on once I got into town.

That's actually kind of a problem now, as I'd like to move the steering box forward some, but don't want to weld-on-weld to do it. As it is, even with the shortened Pitman arm, I can get some rubbing at full stuff.

Oh, thanks for the kudo's, Scott!