View Full Version : opinions on coils

10-08-2007, 09:35 PM
So I want to get some lift on the 93 auto 4 runner v6.

I did the torsion bar crank up, got the fenders to 14.25 to the rim edge, no problem. clears the worn 33's that I have now.

What to get for the rear?? OME or Downey? or other options??

Do I need to lengthen the brake line? is the OME actually 2" or 1.5 like the Downey? is there a different and better alternative?

I need to get about 2" to fully stuff the 33's in the back. I can almost now but get outside fender rub. I have Red Chile's aluminum rims with the larger offset.

I see all these expensive options for suspension parts and off roading equipment. I plan to do mild trail stuff. Not planning on locking the front, just the back. it is to remain the daily driver.

any suggestions would be great. thanks.