View Full Version : Wireless Router - 2Wire (Qwest) & PC Card

10-10-2007, 11:44 AM
I am selling a wireless base station that I bought through Qwest to hook up wirelessly to my DSL service, because I've bought a couple of Macbooks and they have a firmware conflict with the 2Wire so I have had to replace it with an Apple Airport. I also have a PC Card for enabling an older laptop to connect wirelessly.

Asking $75 for the base station & PC Card together, $60 for just the base station and $25 for just the PC Card. This stuff costs about $180 new and is a year old and has worked flawlessly. It allows for connection of 5 wireless devices simultaneously and is built on the 802.11g standard.

You connect it straight to your DSL line - there is no DSL modem required. Includes the setup software from Qwest.

PM me if interested.