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11-27-2005, 11:00 AM
I decided to go to Boulder Carnage canyon to wheel with my best man (upcoming wedding) and future father in law. We hit the trail with VB in a Jeep unlimited, His friend Terry(?) in a clean, built (except for axles) YJ, James in his custom stretched TJ, JKimmel in his 92 4runner and my little 89 4runner. Billy parked his FJ80 and rode with me.

Hooked up the ARB wire on the white 'runner and we were trail ready. 100 yards up we found that James' Atlas t-case wouldn't go into low range or 4x4. I put a nut back on the linkage plate at the Atlas and we were really rolling now. :)

I think that was my first time UP carnage canyon. The parking area and new bridge area look great. The old shooting range is well singed in durable steel. The new shooting area is a dump. The ground is RED in shell casings, the hill is covered in shot to h#ll junk. Why would you want to set your sites on a 25 yard shot anyway? I'm all for having fun and blowing stuff up, but is it so hard to pickup your casings and the junk you blew up? The shooters did stop shooting for us as we rolled through, I'll give 'em that.

There is only 1 "no vehicles sign standing" on the trail and 1 route post at the top end of the trail. I was in front and I was often unsure as to what was the original trail. I tried to take the path most traveled or the route more out of the stream.

We caught up to a couple of Jeeps doing some trail side clutch repair and kept going. The highline on the left (original trail) is REALLY chewed up. Of our group, only JKimmel took it in his big 4runner. I dropped into the creek bed on the hard right downhill where the FJ40 recently rolled. It wasn't bad. I squared up to it once and drove on down. The rest of our group, and most people it seams, stay in the stream bed. Next up is the slab. what a cool sensation to get halfway up and feel all 4 tires looking for traction! I had to back down and hit it in a taller gear, spin the tires a bit and wow, that big rock on the other side comes up fast! FUN. Terry took 3 tries there and everyone else just drove up it.

At the big rock, I tried to go up it and got a spot from 1Grand who was up in his Jeep Grand Cherokee with his family. I drove up 2-3 times, and got pretty close, but I didn't take Jeremy's advice and used 2nd (double low) instead of 3rd (double low) I dropped into the crack on each side of the truck and jarred to a stop. I though I mashed both doors, but the ol' sliders took it all and my doors/sills are fine. Jeremey showed us how to do it. Maybe next time. 1Grand's wife got some good pics. All of mine are crap. (Cheap AIPTEC digital camera with video is total crap.)

Rolled up to the top for lunch in the sun. Turned around and went back down.
We had fun getting down too (IE some work-at-it type stuck in wierd places) I broke a side marker light :( Then we caught up to a group of "younger wheelers" having fun bashing their rigs up the trail. They proved very entertaining! Putting an axle back under a yj featuring banjo string tight brake lines, snapping tow straps, stacking rocks, pushing/rocking/standing on bumpers/trucks, working the F250 flatbed on the slab. (open diffs, LONG wheelbase and a winch that didn't work yet proudly served as a battering ram on the front bumper.)

Things were getting cold as we quickly rolled down to the parking area. JKimmel loaded his 'runner on the trailer and Billy, my passenger, and I used 12V compressors to air up my tires. I have some dirt in a bead but I only added air once going home. James had trouble getting the Atlas into 2high. We got it fixed in Boulder and we all drove home. GREAT TRIP!

J Kimmel
11-27-2005, 12:47 PM
first time I made that line:) Got up on it and let 'er rip in third, and it popped right up.

Fun day, but man did it get cold at the end!

We need to head up to the other carnage next;)

11-27-2005, 05:10 PM
That SAS is lookin' fine Stephen! Nice report!

11-28-2005, 09:48 AM
Here are some pic's VB posted up. My video and images are total garbage. :(