View Full Version : Kawasaki KDX220 1997

10-15-2007, 01:39 PM
This is perhaps the best woods bike made that a guy can afford and still not spend a bundle on parts and maintenance. The design hasn't changed in a long time, is the same design as the newest ones, and it didn't NEED to be changed.

The 220 two stroke was torquier than the 200, yet weighed almost nothing more. It has a tall saddle (comfier than stock, with a nice cover), a larger-than-stock black rear fender tool bag, spare knobbie for the rear, FMF pipe with the nice quiet stock silencer, is in superb condition with very low hours (the top end was uber clean when I was in there), and yes, the stock piston was replaced with a more durable Wiseco by moi (this is perhaps the only design flaw in the bike, and the first mod one should do to it).

AND.... it has been DE-PURPLED!!!!!!!!! (Kawasaki had this green-and-purple thing going in the 90s... :eek::dunno:)

I originally bought it for my younger son, and I was thrilled to find one with low hours and cheap to boot. But he was intimidated by a snappy two stroke without electric start (:confused:), and he felt more comfy on a little Honda thumper. So I got him a Honda and kept this one for me. I love the thing, but I almost never ride it :rant:and it just doesn't make sense to store it in my crowded garage.

$1850 firm. You can't get this one any more, either; Kawasaki in their infinite wisdom stopped making them - you can only spend a bunch more for the still good but smaller 200.

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