View Full Version : Fog Lights/Trailer Hitch Question

11-18-2007, 11:49 AM
My runner didn't come with fog lights, but I was planning on scoring some factory lights mostly because it already has the brakets and what not and they just plug right in. My problem is that I don't have a switch, since the runner didn't come with the lights new. Does anyone know how to install a switch so I can use those factory plugs, or should I just abondon that idea and run my own wires and what not?

Also, I bought an OEM receiver that bolts right up, and has the factory wiring harness. I thought this would be an easy install, but it took me forever to find the plug on my Runner. When I found it, the plugs didn't match up and Im not even sure the plug on my Runner is for the hitch, mostly because it wasn't where I was told it should be. I don't want to splice into the wires, I would like to find an OEM harness that matches the plug on my ride, anyone know where to find one of those?

Im not all that good at wiring these sort of things up, so whatever info you may have to help a noob figure this out would be awesome! :thumb: