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Jenny Cruiser
11-27-2007, 07:15 PM
No more birds, need to get rid of the cages. I have two that are large high end powdercoated cages on wheels. The biggest is a grey and black California cage that stands just over 5' tall. The other cage is salmon/white color and also over 5' tall. I'll post up pics laters.

Santa Barbara California Cage Features:

- Width: 32"
- Height: 30.5" (total height 64")
- Depth: 23"
- Bar spacing: 3/4 "
- No tools,bolts,nuts or any kind of hardware is needed in order assemble each cage. The snap buttons provide a sturdy & firm hold.

Includes: 5 porcelain crocks, 3 removable crock holders, 1 ribbon wood perch, removable main door

The Santa Barbara California Cage with 3/4-inch bar spacing is ideal for: African Greys, Small amazons and Conures.

$275 for both or will separate. The Santa Barbara California cage was about $500 new. I have the keys for the door (somwhere:rolleyes:). I can't remember what make the other one is, but it was about $300 new. Both are clean, include play tops and are in great shape.

If you're a bird person PM me or leave a message on the machine at 970-454-5678.