View Full Version : 700R4, T-case, Drive lines, Adapters

12-07-2007, 09:28 AM
I've got a 700R4 tranny with Adapter to toyota landcruiser t-case. Toyota landcruiser FJ40 T-case (The strong one) and front and rear drivelines with spare rear that was never used front was only used to get rig off trail 1 time and then tooling around my yard 2 or 3 times. drive lines cost $1200 for the 3,the adapter was $400 the T-case is rebuilt ($600) and in great shape and the tranny is in good condition ($1800 new) Plus an Art-Carr shifter with the extra heavy duty cable($350.00 NEW). $2000 OBO for all there's $5350.00 worth the parts here. Advanced adapters Cross member for the T-case is also included (another $200) call or PM me 970-227-4625