View Full Version : Avalanche recovery (no, not that kind)

12-16-2007, 11:42 PM
This happened on the street directly across from the bottom of my driveway on Saturday, around 11:30. I was plowing the road when it happened, didn't see him do it but saw the guy getting out of his truck for the first time, he was alright, called his girlfriend to come pick him up. He said he started to slide out on the corner, then gassed it hoping to kick the back end out a little and control the slide (intentional oversteer :confused:), but forgot he was in 4wd and the front end slid out too and the next thing he knew he was off the bank against the tree. Well I didn't question the maneuver, he said he was fine so back to the Scout I went to continue plowing..

By 2:30 the tow truck has already arrived, I could hear a bunch of hootin' and hollerin' from up at the house, almost sounded like the dudes buddies were there to yank him up. But when I went down, I realized it was just two of my neighbors, enjoying the show. So that dude with the beers is just the nutjob from down the street, driver of the truck didn't have any.

The tow truck dude put on a nice demo of dual winching.. even got some wheel lift :eek: which was pretty fun to watch, obvious that wasn't his first time. Avalanche had a slightly dented A-pillar, scratched mirror, cracked windshield, and a few scuffs on the fender. the passenger door still opened.. had he been 5 feet further back he'd of t-boned that tree then rolled probably on his top. Had he been about 10 feet further he'd have missed that tree altogether and rolled at least a full time down the bank, it's kind of a ditch there so it's open for a while.

ok on with the pics, the first few are from the street, the last one is from the driveway so you can see how close this was to the house. Glad the :Princess: didn't come up with me this time!