View Full Version : stupid left turn signal...

12-20-2005, 01:15 PM
Posted this on the LCML, but thought I might let you guys know I'm not COMPLETELY slacking over my winter break :D

Okay, to start off when I bought my truck a year ago both turn signals worked pretty good (after I cleaned them up), and I haven't done ANYTHING with them since. But over time my left signal has worked more intermittently (sp?) until it just stopped working. Well this morning I went out and found a loose ground wire and regrounded it. I had the engine running at the time, and went to check if it would work. It did, but only sometimes. While the engine's running I have to turn on the right turn signal, then switch it all the way down to the left turn signal for it to work. It won't work if I just try to turn on the left turn signal. However, if the engine's off (even with the key in the "run" position), the left turn signal has not worked yet, no matter what I try. Any ideas? The right turn signal still works every time without me having to blink an eye, but the left is starting to irritate me now...

Shark Bait
12-20-2005, 10:32 PM
Re-run new grounds to both fronts, maybe? Maybe the rears need it too?

I HATE electrical problems. :mad: