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01-08-2008, 12:46 PM
It's just unrelenting, this Non-Wilderness with Wilderness Characteristics stuff. But stay after it and keep firing off letters and emails! Lots of maps and route inventory here and so it's pretty overwhelming. If nothing else, be sure to tell them that the Wilderness Characteristics part is illegal and we know it. Wilderness can only be called Wilderness by Congress and only then can it be managed as such. The BLM (or USFS) cannot change that implementation without authorization by Congress.

Snail mail:
Bureau of Land Management
Richfield Field Office
150 East 900 North
Richfield, Utah 84701


BRC Page:

Field Office Planning Page:

Draft EIS/RMP Page:

01-08-2008, 12:57 PM
Great thread...

Remember, comments must be "meaningful" and "researched" in order to be counted. The U4WDA is preparing a list of "talking points", similar to the ones we did for Moab & Kanab (example here: http://www.u4wda.org/documents/U4WDA.Kanab.RMP.Talking.Points.pdf). These talking points will literally walk you through making a useful comment that references actual trails and situations in the area.

I am personally reviewing all of the Richfield information, I'm ~15 hours into it at this point and still have a bit to go before we publish our talking points and official comment... Stay tuned. Our PR dude (username U4WDA) will get it posted here as soon as we have it on our site. :cool:

We will be attending the Monticello RMP BLM meeting Thursday night in SLC, again the U4WDA will launch a largescale campaing to solicit comments. As with the previous RMP's, we will host a "Letter writing party" in SLC to help folks craft meaningful comments. Too far away for you CO members, but we can at least get you a list of our talking points to help make informed comments.